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MGMS Parent/Guardian Newsletter March 16-31

In This Issue....

  • Upcoming Dates..........Updated
  • Opt Out of In Person Learning.....New
  • Order your Yearbook...Deadline is EXTENDED TO March 22
  • Yearbook Distribution
  • Housing Help...New
  • MCA Testing Dates....New
  • PACT Information...........Updated
  • Dropping Off/Picking Up Map & Information
  • Attendance Reminder
  • Distance Learning Academy Material Pickup
  • Who to Contact


Upcoming Dates


March 26 - No School - Teachers prepare for in person learning

March 29-April 2 - Spring Break

April 5 - No School - Teachers prepare for in person learning

April 6 - Return of all students to school


Opt of In Person Learning

Communication has been sent to hybrid families with information on how to opt out of in person learning. The deadline is Wednesday, March 24 at 5 PM. If you chose to keep your student home, you must sign up. This decision will be for the rest of the school year. Students will follow their schedule and participate remotely through live Google Meets for the entire class period. If you want to keep your student home, please sign up on the link below.


Yearbook Deadline is Extended

The yearbook deadline is being extended until Monday, March 22. Order your book today.
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Yearbook Distribution

We received information from Lifetouch that yearbooks will be passed out in the fall. Watch for more information.


Help is Available

Don’t let COVID-19 take your home

Apply now for emergency rent assistance from Hennepin County. Households with unpaid rent and low incomes may qualify for help paying for rent and utility bills.

The deadline to apply is Friday, March 19 at noon.

Apply now

This is an initial short-term program to get urgent help to households with high need. More help will be offered to even more households through a statewide COVID-19 Emergency Rent Assistance program opening later this month.

Rent is still due during the State of Minnesota’s evictions moratorium. You can’t be evicted for not paying rent under Governor Walz’s executive order, but this order may be lifted soon and you will be at risk of eviction if you have unpaid rent. Don’t wait to apply for help.


MCA Testing Days

Please mark your calendar. The MCA math test will be on Wednesday, April 28. The MCA reading test will be given on Thursday, April 29. The MCA science test is given to 8th grade students only and this will take place on Monday, May 3. If possible, please schedule appointments on a different day. Thank you.


PACT Information

The next meeting will be on April 19. Watch for an updated agenda. The meeting is from 6:30-8:00 PM. Below is the link for the meeting: Meeting ID: 952 929 0098


Picking Up & Dropping Off

As we return to full in-person learning on April 6th it is important to review the procedures and expectations for picking up and dropping off your student. These are to ensure student safety first as well as doing our best to create a smooth and efficient process. Please use door #2 which is at the east end of the building.

Student drop off and pick up reminders (please comply 100% to these to ensure student safety and a smooth and efficient process):

  • Line up by pulling all of the way forward to the next waiting vehicle (the line starts at the orange flag which is past the school entrance). Continue to pull all of the way forward as cars exit the line.
  • Doors will open at 7:48 a.m. Students are asked to wait in their cars until we begin allowing students in the building at 7:48 a.m.
  • IMPORTANT: Students are NOT to walk through the parking lot to and from their vehicles as this is a major safety concern. This has started to grow as a concern and we need to discontinue this.
    • All students need to remain in their vehicles until you reach the curb next to the school. At that time, students may exit their vehicles
    • When picking up, students are to wait on the sidewalk until the vehicle pulls up to the curb before getting in.
  • Please follow the coned path which loops you throughout the whole parking lot.
    • Pull all of the way to the next waiting car in line
    • Remain in this line, avoiding cutting through the cones and parked vehicles
  • As soon as your child has exited or entered the vehicle, please exit the parking lot immediately which will allow us to keep cars pulling forward
  • When waiting in line, if you are out on the street that enters the parking lot, please do not block the roadway so that cars exiting are able to turn left and so that other traffic is able to flow in both directions.
    • If you are waiting on the street to enter the parking lot, please pull over and line up on the shoulder until you are able to enter the lot. This will open up the roadway for traffic to get by.

Thank you very much for complying with these expectations and procedures . The two main issues we have seen in recent weeks are students walking through the parking lot and cars cutting through the cones. I can understand it can be challenging for some to wait in a long line but we need this to happen to ensure student safety. We have been able to complete the drop off and pick up process within an average of 10-15 minutes so am asking for patience from everyone. Again, as we begin full in-person on April 6th, it will only get busier so we need everyone’s help with this process. Please see the diagram below.

Thank you,

Patrick Smith

Principal, Maple Grove Middle School Mustangs

Dream Big!

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Attendance Reminder

If your child is going to be absent from class due to any reason (sick, out of town, doctor appointment, etc) please call the attendance line so your child can be marked accordingly. While in hybrid learning, attendance needs to be handled the same as if they were in person. Also, if your child or anyone in close contact with your child tests positive for COVID-19, please report that to the school.


Students Enrolled in the Distance Learning Academy

Maple Grove Middle School will be open for students in the Distance Learning Academy to pick up materials on Fridays from 10:30 AM-5:00 PM. Materials will be available at door #1 (by the flag pole), which is the front entrance of the school.




School Phone: 763-315-7600...............................Website:

Attendance: 763-315-7603………………………………..Transportation: 763-391-7244

6th Grade

Kaia Paquin, Counselor 6th Grade .......Email:

Jennifer Hinker, Assistant Principal......Email:

7th Grade

Katie Gerdts, Counselor 7th Grade.....Email:

Cedric Fuller, Assistant Principal……..Email:

8th Grade

Kaia Paquin, Counselor 8th Grade A-F.......Email:

Katie Gerdts, Counselor 8th Grade G-K......Email:

Caleb Willis, Counselor 8th Grade L-Z & DLA C-K.......Email:

Patrick Smith, Principal .....Email:

Student Management Specialists Assist With All Grades

Nathanial Davies – Email: Grades 7 & 8

DeAndre Mills – Email: Grades 6 & 8

District Tip Line.........763-391-8660