Calipers & Feeler Gauges

Measuring Tools

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There are 3 types of calipers;

  • Digital Caliper

This caliper uses a digital screen to show you the reading.

  • Vernier Caliper

This caliper is the most basic caliper and uses two measuring scales to measure.

  • Dial Caliper

This caliper has a circular dial with numbers inside it in a clockwise direction.

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Feeler Gauges are used to precisely measure gaps.

Such as the space between the guitar string and the guitar itself.

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Another example would be, if you had a .024 gap you want to verify, you verify this by using the .008 and the .016 gauges together to make the measurement .024.
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Although a feeler gauge is for the clearance between a door and sill, and a caliper is for the diameter of a bolt, the ruler is for the wingspan of a paper airplane, and a tape measure for the width of a tennis court.


Is there a type of caliper that has a dial?

Would you use a feeler gauge or a caliper to measure the size of a grape?