North Nation News

2018-19 Issue 1

Five Kingdoms of North Nation

North Nation is made up of five kingdoms this school year. Each kingdom spans grades 6, 7, 8 and includes both students and staff members. The kingdoms have special characteristics that are represented by their animal. Our kingdoms are: Kingdom of the Dragon (green), Kingdom of the Falcon (purple), Kingdom of the Kraken (blue), Kingdom of the Scorpion (red), and Kingdom of the Wolf (grey). We want to create a sense of unity and teamwork between our grade levels and staff members along with some friendly competition. The Youth Service Center provided all of our students with a spirit shirt for the year, and during the year, there will be special days where students may wear their kingdom shirts instead of their regular polo. It is only for wear on our spirit days.

Each kingdom earns points for many different things as the year goes on, such as Coke Points, Penny War, Reward Rallies, grades, attendance, school spirit, etc. At the end of the school year, the kingdom with the most points will earn a special reward day just for them!

Student Rewards

For the last 2 years our staff have worked Audubon Bingo to earn $6000 to fund a large part of our student rewards. They have now shut down bingo which has left us trying to figure out how to fund all of our student rewards. Some of our rewards for students include: one reward rally per nine weeks, end of the year winning kingdom rally, school store for PBIS points/cash, Accelerated Reader 200% of goal luncheon, Accelerated Reader Blow Pops for 50% of goal, PBIS rewards for no discipline notices & no missing work every 2-4 weeks throughout the year, candy rewards, Student of the Month, Golden Lanyard Reward, buses for movie PBIS and Gatti Town trip, along with many others things.

If you didn't sell items for the fall fund raiser but would like to help us out by making a donation, it would be greatly appreciated and put to great use for our students!

High Attendance Day September 20th

Our school will celebrate high attendance day on September 20, 2018. Students will wear their kingdom shirt to school and will be participating in a special Lip Dub. We have looked at other Lip Dub videos from across the United States and are excited to put one out there representing our kingdoms and North Nation!

6th Grade News

We’ve had a great start with our new sixth grade class this year! In ELA, we’ve finished our MAP testing. Additionally students are starting to identify their topics and research questions for their Genius Hour projects. Each week, students will be given time to research a topic of their choice. Once they gather enough information, they will be given the opportunity to teach the teacher in a format of their choice. All students have been assigned their AR goals and should be reading a little each night. This is due October 3, so please encourage your child to be reading at home.

In science class, experiments have started! Students recently did one where they used carbon dioxide and the chemical BTB, then studied two jars of pond water- one with pond weed and one without. After letting it sit overnight, they saw the jars were different due to photosynthesis taking place in the one with the pond weed. This taught the relationship between plants and animals. Animals take in oxygen, while plants take in carbon dioxide and animals let out carbon dioxide and plants let out oxygen.

Math is currently finishing their first unit. Students are learning about integers, exponents, order of operations and finding greatest common factor and least common multiple. Students are also finishing up their MAP testing; everyone has worked hard to achieve their goals!

If you’d like to see more about what’s going on in sixth grade, check us out on our new Facebook page: North Nation 6th Grade! Thanks for a great start to the year!

7th Grade News

The seventh grade Cadets have been furiously learning, collaborating, communicating, and rocking their new curriculum! Ninety-nine percent of the 7th grade ELA students scored proficient or distinguished on their first CFA of the year! Our Cadets have demonstrated their understanding and ability to make inferences in six unique ways and have been loving Shel Silverstein’s poetry.

A new lecture lab is being implemented during math classes this week to encourage student engagement. Statistics were taught through a cup stacking challenge and mean, median, mode, along with box and whisker plots have been tackled and conquered! #NorthNation is winning!

In the social studies department, students have been studying early man and their evolvement into homosapiens. In addition, they have created cartoons depicting the concepts of how man moved from hunter-gatherers to domesticating food sources. The development of tools and inventions made life easier.

The science classes blasted off in a fierce competition with student built rockets. Distance, height, and accuracy were calculated and recorded. The team of Ty Boggess and Clayton Brown tied a North Middle School record of 91 meters! A shocking learning experience happened in Mr. Fifer’s science classes as they worked with the electrostatic Van de Graaff generator. The students are destined for a highly electrifying potential!

8th Grade News

8th grade has been full of excitement during the first month of the school year! One of our 8th grade ELA teachers, Mrs. McKillop, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the morning of September 5th. While we will miss Mrs. McKillop dearly while she is out, we are incredibly happy for her and happy to have Mrs. Ledoux as her long-term substitute!

ELA is excited to be working on Passion Projects with their students this year. Each student gets to choose any topic about which they are passionate - whether it be music, art, sports, or even travel - and Friday afternoons will get to be spent exploring that topic! We will help students set goals, do research, and reach out to mentors in their field. Around spring break, students will present their passion projects! We have students writing songs, planning trips, creating plays, and working on their free throws! We can't wait to see what our kids come up with!

In Math, classes are finishing up Unit 1, which consists of working with properties of exponents, square roots, cube roots, and scientific notation. The students were able to participate in a CSI-type activity as a review lesson, and seemed to enjoy finding out who, where, and how the crime was committed! Students are also finishing up MAP testing. We are enjoying seeing how many students achieved their goal score, as well as students who earned a score above their goal!

In Social Studies, students are working to create “travel brochures” with the purpose of convincing colonists to settle in their colonies, over the others. Students will use drawings, slogans, and information about politics, religion, and economics, etc. to compare colonies. It will be interesting to see what students come up with!

In Science classes, students have been focusing on engineering design and kinetic energy. Students were able to design a rocket and then test different angles of launch to find which angle would allow their rockets to fly the farthest. Students also built balloon airplanes and measured their distance and time to determine speed. Our next unit will cover ecosystems.

Enrichment Team News

Happy September! We are off and rolling in the first half of our first nine weeks! For the enrichment team, that means our first group of students that come through one of our many elective classes. We are offer a number of different classes designed to give students new experiences outside of their “core” classes. Your student has the opportunity to take any of the following during the school year:

  • Band (Aaron Hudson)

  • Choir (Melissa Kidd)

  • Gateway to Technology (Rusty Bargo)

  • Computer (Richard Hilton/Danna Robinson)

  • Careers (Richard HIlton/Danna Robinson)

  • Art

  • P.E. (Harris Agisilaou/Josette Corbette)

  • Practical Living (Melissa Kidd)

  • Arts + Humanities (Aaron Hudson)

  • Music Appreciation (Aaron Hudson)

Make sure you are asking your child about what they have learned in these classes and if you have any questions about missing work or their grade, do not hesitate to reach out to those teachers! We would love to hear from you and talk about how your student is doing in their class!

Positive Behavior Supports

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a system used at North Middle School to positively reinforce good behavior and responsibility. It is a framework or approach for our staff to focus on academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.

Teachers are responsible for handling classroom-managed situations known as “minors,” which do not necessarily stop or impede instruction. Minors are cumulative by all of a student’s teachers. When a student receives a minor, teachers complete a triplicate minor slip and give a copy to the student. Next, teachers document the minor on a spreadsheet viewable by all teachers/staff. Then, minor slips are sent down to the office each day and a phone call goes out to all guardians of students who received a minor for that particular day.

Every fifth (5th) minor for the 2018-2019 school year becomes a discipline notice/office referral. The teacher issuing the fifth minor writes a discipline notice, which is submitted to the office. A school administrator then reviews the five minors and issues appropriate consequences. Minors erased once per month which allows students to begin with a clean slate. Students that do not receive a discipline notice within the month time period earn the monthly PBIS reward. Some of our monthly rewards have included: food, projects, privileges, candy, popcorn, free dress, store items where they can spend their Cadet Cash, etc. This year our Cadet Cash has gone digital and there will be more information coming home about this with mid-term reports.

Our first PBIS reward is for no discipline notices and no missing work from 8/28 thru 9/7! Our second PBIS reward will be on October 5th!

Student Drop-off and Student Pick-up

North Middle School is home to more than 850 students and 100 employees. Getting everyone into the building and out of the building each day is a top priority. In the morning between 6:50-7:55 am and in the afternoon from 2:45-3:45 pm, only buses are allowed in the drive in front of our school. No cars or other vehicles should use the front drive during these times.

If your child is a car rider, he or she must be dropped off in the morning by entering our campus from Klutey Park Plaza and allowing him or her to exit the vehicle at door C9 that goes into the gym. We have staff on duty in the morning to ensure their safety. Do not drop students off in the parking area on the east end of North Middle School. Walking between and around cars as they enter the property to park is not safe and this area is not monitored by a staff member, but it is under camera surveillance this year. If picking students up after school, we utilize the same area. We load approximately 20-24 cars at one time and then allow those cars to leave the loading area before we pull more cars forward to the loading area. We do this to prevent students from walking in between moving cars. These procedures are to be sure that all students and staff are safe entering and leaving campus each day. Thank you for your cooperation!

2018 North Nation Cheer

Our 2018-19 North Nation cheer team has 37 members this year. They are lead by Coach Mallory Williams and this year's team members are: Ansley Bayola, Maya Blanford, Addison Chandler, Chloe Chandler, Lillian Christian, Josie Cook, Lillian Coomes, Aleah Corwin, Kayla Courtney, Addison Coyle, Lillian Crowe, Jaylei Davis, Emily Duncan, Olivia Duncan, Heaven Green, Hannah Hendricks, Riley Hicks, Jada Keye, Jalyn Keye, Arianna Lorenzana, Brennan Marsh, Lyla McChessney, Journi McElroy, Terica McHargue, Whitney Mills, Brylee Nesmith, Adyson Oeth, Kendall Ralph, Emma Roberson, Kanna Romain, Aubree Sellars, Peyton Schoultz, Hannah White, Elayna Wiggins, Kylee Williams, and Cadence Woolfork.

2018-19 Dance Team

The 2018-19 Cadet Dance Team is lead by Coach Holli Hurt, Sherry Blosser, Brooklyn Bugg, and team members are: Lisa Akins, Cheyenne Allen, Aniyah Campbell, Lillian Cyr, Nevaeh Duncan, Caylea Fitzgerrel, Elissa Garza, Alexis Glassco, Shelby Madrid, Brooklyn Moss, Nellie Nunn, Abbie Roberson, Addison Sager, Naomi Santiago, Kaedence Stone, Kendall Sutton, Jacey Wallace, Annabel Whitledge, and Alivia Williams.

2018 North Nation Golf Team

The 2018 Cadet Golf Team is lead by Coach Kevin Payne and team members are: Bryce Biever, Ty Boggess, Evan Farley, Summer Hazelwood, Jaxon Nunn, William Roberts, Rowan Shockley, and Ryan Sutton.

2018 North Nation Soccer Teams

The 2018 Lady Cadet Soccer Team consists of: Coach Derek Mattingly and students Natalie Baxter, Madison Bean, Reagan Campbell, Anna Carrier, Marley Collins, Kennedy Cook, Jaylei, Davis, Paris Fowler, Hannah Garrett, Maddelynn Gish, Davanee McLean, Laynie Rich, Alyssa Risley, Lexi Snyder, Brooke Taylor, Xzyia Turner, and Alexa Utley.

The 2018 Cadet Soccer Team consists of: Coach Ryan Munroe and students William Adama, Prince Alexander, Weston Alexander, Chaz Audas, Jesse Blake, Ty Boggess, Camden Coomes, Caleb Decker, Carter Denton, Ben Frederick, Caleb Gorrell, Aiden Hite, Kevin Melton, Maximus Moss, Jaxson Pottgiesser, Caleb Powell, James Powell, Elliott Pryor, Cody Shepherd, Carter Siewers, Jackson Smith, Landyn Smith, Alex Stinson, Evan Sturgill, Kaden Walters, Landon Walters, Adam Williams, and Ayden Wilson.

2018 Lady Cadet Volleyball

The Lady Cadet Volleyball Squads are led by Coach Serena Springer. Sixth grade squad members are: Hallie Bennett, Gabriel Duncan, Haley Guth, Molli Liggett, Rylee Springer, and Kaedence Stone. Seventh grade squad members are: Keianna Alexander, Kierra Bennett, Haley Clement, Merrick Conkright, Leah Glassco, Amara Howard, Makalah Nunnelly, Savannah Rideout, Zaleigh Sizemore, and Rylee Springer. Eight grade squad member are: Keianna Alexander, Leah Glassco, Emmaline Hewgley, Brooklyn Marsh, Peighton McClarney, Bailee Weber, and Railynn Windhaus.

2018 Cadet Football

The 2018 Cadet Football Teams are lead by Head Coach James Suggs, Assistant Coaches Dan Thompson, Chris Pugh, Jason Henshaw, and Stephen Johnson. The seventh grade team members are: Prince Alexander, Koein Banks, Jonathon Barnett, Omarion Barrett, Joseph Beck, Brayden Blackston, Aaron Brown, Brady Buchanan, Hayden Callen, Tyler DeLong, Joshua Embry, Breighton Gogel, Jacob Happaldt, WanKe Hazelwood, Evan Henshaw, Matthew Hilliard, Kamron Hilton, Ryan Holland, Richard Justice, Cooper King, Lafe Linzy, Preston Lovan, Kaiden Low, Isiah Morgan, Ziggy Myers, Levi Patterson, Adam Pile, Brady Siewart, Colton Thompson, and Max Thompson.

The eighth grade team members are: Keith Alstadt, James Arnold, Colton Beauchamp, Collin Bentonwhite, Brayden Brown, Nicholas Danko, Seth Galloway, Michael Haberland, Ashton Hanley, Joel Helsley, Taray Johnson, Blake Jones, Austin Lander, Dru Meadows, Dalton Overfield, Mason Phillips, Jeremy Scott, Xzyia Turner, Aaron Williams, and Jaheim Williams.

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 14 -- 3:30 -- Mid-terms are sent home

Sept. 20 -- 4:30-6:30 pm -- Parent & Teacher Conferences

Sept. 25 -- 3:30-6:30 pm -- Paragon Fund Raiser pick-up in the NMS cafeteria

Oct. 3 -- Accelerated Reader deadline to earn FREE DRESS if student met 100% of AR goal

Oct. 4 -- Last day to turn in missing work for PBIS Oct. 5 reward

Oct. 5 -- FREE DRESS day for students with 100% of AR goal by Oct. 3

Oct. 8 -- Oct. 12 -- Fall Break (No School)

Oct. 19 -- 3:30 --Report Cards are sent home

Oct. 26 -- 6:00-8:00 pm -- Halloween Dance