Love Everlasting

Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 2

In this scene, an old man named Paris asks Capulet if he could marry Juliet. Of course Capulet replies with “ She is too young.” But, Capulet says that if Paris goes to the party and Juliet shows affection, then he could have permission. Also, in this scene, Romeo is still depressed about his love, Rosaline. Benvolio decided to tell Romeo to go to the ball and try seeing if he can forget his love. Romeo is invited to the ball by the Servant who can’t read. They did end up going to the party while using masks to hide their identities.

Act 1 Scene 3

The nurse explains how well she knows Juliet, as if she were her own. Juliet, Lady Capulet, and the Nurse discuss marriage. Juliet does not really want to get married and Lady Capulet tells her to start thinking about marriage. Lady Capulet and the Nurse think she should marry Paris because he’s “amazing.” Juliet decides to try to like him.

Act 1 Scene 4

Mercutio,Benvolio, and Romeo were talking about going to the party at the Capulets house. They were talking about the fairy who brings dreams to people.Mercutio says that she gives wonderful and entertaining one. Romeo’s mood at the end of the scene that he won’t be happy and something will happen with the sky during the party.

Act 1 Scene 5

Romeo spots Juliet and instantly thinks she is a beauty when he first sees her.Tybalt is mad that Romeo is at the party. Romeo takes Juliet’s hand and like persuades her into kissing him. Juliet says that Romeo’s kind of peoples lips are meant for praying only, so Romeo says let me pray and make and sin then he kisses her. Juliet finds out the name of Romeo from the nurse.