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The first complete skid fabricated by MCSI was done in the mid 80's.

Our history definitely shows that we have the capabilities and experience to take on any project our clients need.

Words of Wisdom

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." - Romans 12:12
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The Doc is in

Health tips from a weekly newsletter from new insurance company - United Healthcare

This week: Mental Health - Healthy Eating and Heart Disease

Safety Begins with Me!

It's the biggest game of the football season this weekend! Super Bowl 50! Where Manning and the Broncos will take on Newton and the Panthers.

Whether you are heading to a bar or party for the game or inviting people over to watch at your place remember:

  • Drinking and driving should never be a option - call a cab, uber, or a friend
  • Delicious snacks are a must! Make sure that your spread includes some protein and carbs to counteract the alcohol effect.
  • Make sure to keep the footballs away from the TV
  • If you have animals in the house with people over, make sure food and drinks are not at reachable levels for them. Alcohol for animals doesn't not turn out well.
  • When half time comes on, make sure to turn up the sound and enjoy the awesomeness of Coldplay!
  • And lastly, enjoy the commercials! Those 30 second spots are usually filled with great advertising!

Hope you have an awesome time!

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