Al Capone: Crime Lord

By Sicilia Liwai

Who now?

You may know him as The Big Fella. Possibly Snorky, or maybe as Public Enemy No. 1. Believe it or not, it's all the same person. Introducing, the man that needs no introduction...

Al Capone, Crime lord.

Quotes From King Alphonse...

Early Years

Birth of Scar-Face

This man of crime thought of himself as an honorable man. He was born to a seamstress and a barber on Jan. 17 1899, looking for a better life. These poor immigrant names' were Gabriel and Teresina Capone. These poor people couldn't even think for a moment, that their youngest son, would be a criminal.


Alphonse Capone was a good student when he went to elementary. Once he had to repeat sixth grade, he started to skip school and hang around the docks.m When hit by a teacher for insolence, he hit back and got expelled, never to return to school again. Soon after that, he would find both, his future wife, Mary Coughlin, and his mentor, Johnny Torrio.



Bootlegging is one of his money-makers. This made him about $60 million annually! That was before Johnny Torrio retired to Italy. Imagine how much money he made after Torrio quit!

St. Valentines Day Massacure

On Feb. 14, 1929, Capone got his men to dress as police. When his enemy, "Bugs" Moran, was delivering his usual booze, Al's men came to his stop and got them up against a wall and shot them to death. Harsh. Only thing, Moran got away.


Federal Prison

When the Al Capone went to prison before Alcatraz, was In Philadelphia's Eastern Penitentiary. He basically ran his job from there. He had everything he needed. His desk, his letters, his silk underwear,... EVERYTHING!!


Al Capone spent six and a half years. Deciding flattery wasn't working, he decided to spend his the rest of his time on Alcatraz as a good citizen. He got moved to the laundry area.

Final Days


While in Alcatraz, they slowly found out that Al Capone had Syphilis. This ate away at his very existence!!! After they realized he had Syphilis, they sent him to a prison hospital, them when he got released, he died at his wife's house.