REWARD: $1000

The description of the suspect

The core contains capsule protein that surrounds two single strands of HIV RNA. It is also acellualr.

The scientific name is Human Immunodeficiency virus.

Suspects crime

The suspect is committing suicide to the cells after failing effort at infection.


The host cell for HIV is the CD4 cell. HIV is most severe is Sub- Saharan Africa, holding 60% of the people that have HIV.


This disease mainly gets to people who have any kind of sexual contact with an HIV Positive person, in which any of their body get inside of you through opening of your body.


HIV tends to weaken and slowly destroy the immune system. In which means you have higher possibility rate to life threatening infections and/or certain cancers. It also affects your central nervous system, particularly it will progress to AIDS.


The Virus infects the immune system. Which means it attacks and destroys the T helper Lymphocytes, or T-cells. These cells are also called CD4+ and this is where HIV attaches itself and pry its way into the cell. Each day your your body produces millions of CD4+ T-cells to help maintain your immunity and fight off invading viruses and germs. When HIV infects your body the virus is able to copy itself over and over and then killing your T-cells. Soon HIV out numbers the T-cells making your immune system go down.



To prevent HIV is to avoid high risk behaviors that put you at risk of infections. A big key in prevention is to NOT have any kinda of sexual activity.

They also encourage you to be checked for HIV anywhere from the age of 13 to 64


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