Come to "It's Lit", the new Earth!

It may be hot, but it's all you've got

"It's Lit" is the next best thing to the monkey invaded, pollution ridden Earth!

"It's Lit" is a known exoplanet 489 light years away from Earth. on our rocket ship (which will be traveling at 1/10 the speed of light), you will be cryogenically frozen in stasis pods until our arrival, whilst a flawless VI pilot steers our ship to our new home!

"But how will we live there?" I hear you all ask!

Well, it's not as simple as just landing on the planet and colonizing it. Instead, we plan to use a new technology in the rocket ship to place floating cities in the sky, above the cloud barrier. the reason we will be doing so is because the surface is molten lava, and it rains rocks. but don't worry about falling off the cities, as we have machines that will catch you!


"How old will I be on "It's Lit"?: One year on "It's Lit" is approximately 20.5 earth hours. So if you were, let's say, 15 years old then you would about 6,522 years old on "It's Lit".

"What's the temp. on "It's Lit"?: The average temp. is 2,500 C which is about 4,500 F.

"Are there any moons or rings?": As of now, we have determined that there are no moons and no rings on this planet.