The Wind Of Fury

Reporting by Joy Lin

Cyclone Zeus

Terror of our lives..... both people and animals dying..... buildings destroyed..... land demolishing..... humans screaming..... mourning..... praying..... oh, when will it ever stop?!?

The Day when Mother Nature Hit QLD!

It was Saturday in Cairns which was in Queensland, Northern Territory of Australia. I was watching a funny TV show called 'The Big Bang Theory' when suddenly a cyclone struck us. It stayed there from 5:30am, 25 December 1975 to 7:00am, 30 December 1975. So this cyclone struck us for 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was the most horrific sight of my entire life.....
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Before the Attack...

Like I said, I was watching 'The Big Bang Theory' for a long time, then turned on the radio to listen to music when a warning shouted to get ready before a cyclone hits. So I packed an emergency kit, secured every loose things, repaired all loose roof tiles, trimmed overhanging branches, taped down windows using strong packing tape, turned off all electricity AND moved to the strongest room in my house. All from 5:30am to 5:53am.

During the Attack.....

At 5:59 to 6:15am, I heard that 4007 people died and 130 animals lost their lives. Then at 6:27 to 6:33am, I heard that Cairns lost 1.1 million bunches of food and half of the buildings in Cairns were destroyed. I cried so much.....

After the Attack...

After the cyclone was gone, I rearranged my house and heard that there was 10 different aftershocks. After all that, I saw that many of my relatives died...……. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. I went back home trying to calm myself down.


Iris: "I do not think I can forget that terrible moment of my life".

Nathaniel: " I lost my beautiful, beloved wife that...….I can not forget even if I try to".

Talia: "I almost had an heart attack from experiencing that horrible moment".

The End of the Story

In conclusion, natural disasters can physically and emotionally hurt you and to people who have been through moments like these, remember to forget your past and move on.

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