Life On The Goldfields

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Life On The Goldfields

Life On The Goldfields would be hard for the Chinese because they came to Australia to mine for gold and earn money, but it was hard because whatever money they had with them when they came to Australia was spent on a miners permit and a small amount of food.

Chinese On The Goldfields

Mining in China is very different to mining in Australia

  • When mining in China if you find gold it goes straight to the rulers, but if you find gold in Australia you can keep it as long as you have a permit.

The Different Types Of Mining

When mining in different areas you might need different tools.

  • Shaft - When mining in a Shaft mine you will need a Bucket, Cradle, Windlass and Pick.

  • Alluvial - When mining in a Alluvial mine you will need a Shovel, Pick, Pan or Cradle.

Some Of The Mining Tools

By Livia Robuffo

For Activity 3 of Goldfields Life.

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