The Boulevard Beat

A Monthly Newsletter from SBS - December 2014 Edition

The Principal's Place

Dear Parents:

It's truly wonderful to be in a community that encourages exploring and supporting the best possible practices for all of our children. I am proud to introduce you to our latest SBS addition, Savannah. Savannah is Mrs. Friedrich's English Cream Golden Retriever, and she recently completed 18 months of training through Prestigious Paw to become a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International. Therapy animals are currently being incorporated into a variety of settings, and research suggests that animal assisted therapy promotes improvements in human physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Recently, Mrs. Friedrich and I met with Dr. LaSusa, Dr. D'Elia and members of the Board of Education to present the idea of having Savannah at SBS to serve as therapy dog for our three self-contained classes. I am proud to announce that we have received approval to go forward with this initiative!

The link below will take you to Mrs. Friedrich's webpage, where you can find a PowerPoint presentation that provides detailed information about this initiative, including a plan and timeline for introducing Savannah to our students. Rest assured that I have thought carefully about the potential concerns that this initiative can present, namely allergies and phobias, and we will ensure that our entire student population is respected and cared for. Please review this presentation, and contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

I'd like to close by wishing each of you and your families a happy, healthy and warm Holiday Season. I'm looking forward to seeing you in 2015!

Robert Gardella

SBS Principal

Library Lowdown

In December in the library, the SBS students all participated in the HOUR OF CODE. Students were very interested and engaged in this activity. The students used the new GOOGLE CHROMEBOOKS donated by the P.T.O to the school. A special thanks to the P.T.O. for this awesome gift! Also thanks to John Abdelmalak, Technolgy Director and his team for prepping the new CHROMEBOOKS in time for the HOUR OF CODE, as well as Danielle Romero, Design & Technology Supervisor for helping us organize this event! Here are some links for you and/or your child to explore at home. Happy Holidays and enjoy the break!

Mr. D'Aloia, Library Media Specialist

Counseling Connection

This month I've been working with the children on how to use the most expedient coping skills to manage all the anticipation and busy schedules of the season. If you wish, remind them to take a calm, re-energizing breath, as they move throughout their day. I wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy winter break!

The Design Den

Welcome to the Design Den!

What has been happening in Design and Technology this month?

3rd Grade Students have begun to explore the availability of clean drinking water on Earth and technologies affect on this subject.

Ask your child about the effect of technology on clean water availability and water pollution.

2nd Grade Students have created a Microsoft Powerpoint slide that advertises the house they have built.

Ask your child about Microsoft Powerpoint and how they created a background, inserted a picture and created a word art title.

1st Grade Students are designing a hand tool that will help them harvest their crops.

Ask your child how they are using the design process to create their hand tool.

Kindergarten Students are learning about animal habitats and are focusing on birds’ habitats.

Ask your child how a bird builds its nest and the materials it uses.

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Stojanov (Ms. S)

Holiday Concerts

Congratulations to all our students for preparing and performing in 3 terrific concerts! I am so proud of what a wonderful job you did. Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm!

~Mrs. Roskam

Scooter Polo Summary

This year’s 3rd Grade Scooter Polo Tournament is in full effect! We have had great games filled with action,excitement, and great enthusiasm! The 6 classes are playing in a round robin type tournament with a finals that will be held on Tuesday December 23. Each year, we hold this tournament to improve not only our teamwork, but to improve our understanding of what good sportsmanship is. It is not only about winning and losing in this tournament but to be able to give respect, show respect, and earn respect from one another. The competitors in the finals will be chosen, not just based on win loss record, but how many goals their team has scored and how many sportsmanship points that they have earned throughout the tournament. Furthermore, students from each of the classes will be chosen to represent their class for showing great spirit, skill, and the ability to work with each other. These individuals will be helping in the finals with jobs such as scorekeeper, flag holders, music managers, and a few others. This year’s finals will be Mrs. Rosenstein’s class versus Mrs. Ciccone’s class. Way to go 3rd Grade! The winner of the tournament will retain the coveted Ralph J. Pesapane Trophy in their classroom for the remainder of the school year.

Mr. Dalton & Mr. Stevens

Then & Now

Holiday Concerts & Holiday SBS tradition.

Dinnertime Conversations...

Tired of the same old responses when you ask your children how their day went? Check in here for some conversation starters!

Ask your kindergartner:

1. Who did you help today?

2. What was the most exciting part of your day?

3. What is one new thing you learned today?

Ask Your first grader:

1. What is your Heart Map and how can you use it?

2. How do you choose your topic for Writing Workshop?

3. What tools do you use for Writing Workshop?

Ask your second grader:

1. What is the difference between a characters feelings and a characters traits?

2. Explain how you know when you need to regroup. How do you regroup?

3. Why is it fun to write a make-believe story such as a squiggle?

Ask you third grader:

1. Your student has just finished their second science unit in another teacher's classroom. Ask them about their unit and what aspect of the unit they most enjoyed.

2. What is the difference between thick and thin questions? Ask your student to provide you with examples of each type of question.

3. What is a fraction? What is a unit fraction? What is a fractional part of a set?

PTO Posts

It has been an exciting start to the year, and it’s hard to believe that the children have completed four months of school. There have been many accomplishments during these first months from Community Service to STEM to the Arts. HOPE Week was a big success! Thank you so much to all the parent volunteers who helped during the prep phase and assembly. The children really embraced the meaning of service and their role in helping someone else Persevere and Excel. Special thanks to the teaching staff for incorporating it into the art and writing parts of the curriculum. Extra special thanks to Elena Nadgauda and Allison Guvenel for all their hard work and dedication to this important event. Thanks to the CHS Pulse crew for creating the video to show the kids during the wrap up assembly. Links for both videos are on the school’s website.

The National Week of Code was celebrated at SBS as well. During this week all the children were able to actually code on the Google Chromebooks in the media center. Thanks to our STEM team of Denise Rocca and Jinesha Hettiarachchi for working with Mr. D’Aloia and Ms. Stojanov to make sure all the children were logged on and able to experience coding hands on. Thanks to all the parents, without your wonderful donations and support we would not have been able to purchase the Chromebooks for the Media Center.
Another high point of the month was the Holiday Concert and Art Show. The artwork created by the children was so unique and beautiful that it made the journey through the hallways an absolute joy. The Art Show and A+ Memories gifts were coordinated by Kelly DeLaura and Beng Li Oh. Thanks so much for all your hard work matting the artwork and hanging it.

As we leave 2014, and look forward to 2015 with great anticipation, have a wonderful holiday and a very safe and happy new year.

Vivian Cooney