It's Tech Tuesday!

March 22, 2016

Google Classroom Training

Wednesday, March 23rd, 3:45-4:30pm

Third Street

Lexington, TX

Brademan's Lab on Middle School Campus.

Teachers from any campus are welcome!

This training is for teachers that need help setting up classes, distributing handouts, making assignments, and turning in assignments. Basic understanding about Drive organization and collaboritive sharing is required.

You will see both the teacher view and student view.

*Training for classflow, grading, troubleshooting, going paperless, and compatibility with other programs will follow at a later time.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Happy Birthday, Apple!

As Apple nears 40, they have released a newly updated 4" phone called the iPhone SE. It's similar to the iPhone 5, but completely updated. Curtis Patschke reminds us that Apple now has more than 1 BILLION Apple Devices in use around the world.

In addition, Apple has also released their latest update, iOS 9.3. Included in the new update is Night Shift, which adjusts your device's colors at night to help you sleep better; you can now keep your private info in Notes under lock and fingerprint, as well as new sorting features; more personalized News; easier to find 3rd party Health apps; and more features with CarPlay.

Finally, this update includes a preview of new features that will make it even easier for schools to put devices where they'll hav the greatest the hands of students.

Google Classroom and Nearpod...So Happy Together!

You can now share Nearpod lessons in Google Classroom! After you launch an interactive lesson, Nearpod generates a 5 digit PIN with sharing options. Now, you can click the Classroom button to send the Nearpod lesson to your Class Page to share with your students. Students can then launch the lesson directly from Google Classroom in one click. It's not just Nearpod, many learning platforms are following suit and integrating with Google Classroom as well.

Other Google integrations in Nearpod inlcude:

  • Google Single Sign On
  • Access to Google Images and Google Drive when creating lessons
  • Student access to Google Images and Google Drive when submitting “Draw-It” activities
  • “Nearpodize This” Google Chrome extension to convert Google Slides lessons into Nearpod lessons
  • YouTube video sharing to student devices
  • PDFs lessons and post-session report export to Google Drive
  • Google Drive export for student notes

Click on the video below to find out more!

Nearpod & Google Classroom Integration

Online Swearing

One of the freedoms of email, blogging, social media, etc. is being able to express yourself without censorship on the internet. But just because you can, should you? Terry Freedman shares 7 reasons not to swear online. Check it out and share with your students.

Using Word Clouds in the Classroom

Michael Gorman shares 200 ways that teachers can use word clouds in the classroom. This list includes every subject...even math! Mr. Gorman feels that creating a word cloud is a "great way to begin technology integration".

Sick Science!

Move over, Science Guy. Check out Steve Spangler's YouTube channel for dozens of fascinating science experiments for students.

Being Googlicious

Type, edit and format with your voice in Docs—no keyboard needed!
9 Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail That Will Make You More Productive

10 Genious Ways to Use Your Phone's Camera

Selfies and pics of your kids and pets are fun to take, but here are 10 things you should take a picture of with your phone to make your life much easier.

What your fitness tracker knows about you...

Our phones, tablets, and computers know a lot about us. Everything from where we go on vaction, the books we read, to our daily routines. But did you know that your fitness tracker knows a lot about you too? Pretty cool, actually.

And finally...

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