Walt Disney

His life and how he overcame his obstacles


Fourth child of Elias and Flora Disney, Walter was born in Chicago Illinois, December 5th, 1901. The Disney's were always looking for a way to make money for their large family, but not always successful. Walt Disney would inherit this, and go on to make a very successful cartooning company, but not for many years.

His great-grandfather moved from Ireland to Ontario. Later Walt's father, Elias, and grandfather, Kepple, would leave to for California for the Gold Rush but would only make it to Kansas before setting down roots. The family would then move to Florida and planted (what would be a failed) orange grove. As stated by some family members "Elias was very much like his father; he couldn't be contented very long in any one place."

Elias would eventually take the family to Chicago, where Elias would work as a carpenter and make a dollar a day. Wanting to move somewhere safer than the tough neighborhood that the family lived in, the Disney's would move to Marceline, Missouri in 1906. Roy, one of the younger children in the Disney family, would later recall memories of their time on the Missouri farm. A school would open in Marceline would open in 1908, and Walter and his sister Ruth would start in 1909.

Adult Life

Disney would often lie about his age to get a job, and then hold that job for a short time because of his poor work ethics. Once he opened a soda stand but reportedly "drank up all the profits."