Bronx Zoo


The Bronx Zoo is very educational. It holds many animals, some are from around here, some from places like Africa. Very common species to very endangered species. The Bronx Zoo teaches you all about animal life and more then just things like what you eat, it teaches you thing like how it happens, like the food chain.
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Departure Time

The Bronx Zoo is 43 miles away and will take just over an hour to be on the safe side. The park opens at 10:00am and closes at 5:00pm. We would have to leave the school and start going to the Bronx Zoo at 8:45am and we would make it there by 10:00am while not using the merritt parkway. We would walk around looking at the exhibits and then at 11:30 we would have lunch We would leave at 1:15pm and make it here before school ends.


We would need 5 coach buses to get to the Bronx Zoo because it is 43 miles away, pretty far. That would be $5,000 to get everybody there.

We would have to pay $12.95 every student, and $16.95 every adult.

If you add up the money total you would want students to pay about $40 to go onto the field trip to the Bronx Zoo.

You will also need to pack lunch for the Bronx Zoo.


t=total cost

p=number of people going

b=number of buses

p=200 people going

b=5 buses