Cool Equipment

If you want to play football you will need a mouthpiece, so your teeth don't fall out. You need shoulder pads so you do not brace your shoulder. To know which ones fit they have to be not to tight or not to big. You need a helmet so you do not get a concussion. You need pants with kneepads and thigh pads so you do not hurt your thigh or knee. You need cleats so you can go faster and juke they have to stick in the ground.

Running plays

There are several type of plays. one is a running play , the other is a passing play. There are Hail Mary play , is a pass , and the hand off which is a run . there are a lot of kinds of running and passing plays.


You need to juke because if a player is coming to tackle you juke so you can make a touch down and to make 1st down.
Odell Beckham makes catch of the year!