The Pregnancy Project

By Gaby Rodiriguez

240 Pages


The Pregnancy Project is a book based on a true store about a girl from Washington who rose up against her racial steryotypes and passed thorugh highschool without becoming pregnant. When she had to do a senior project, she wanted to prove that sterotypes don't define you and faked a pregnancy. She goes on to doccument everyones reactions and how she was treated after everyone thought she was pregnant.

"For a moment, I understood just what it must be like to be a celevrity caught in the middle of a scandal" ~Gaby Rodriquez

Gaby Rodriquez

This is the girl that the true story was based on, she grew up in Topennish, Washington and lived with her mother and her grandmother. Her mother had gotten pregnent at a young age and so did her many siblings. Her father left them to be with his new wife in Texas.
Teen's Fake Pregnancy Fools School

Good Last Book?

I wouldn't reccomend this book as a last book because It's not all that great. It is however, interesting enough to pass your time durring SSR.

Why I read it

I read this book because the concept of a teen faking a pregnancy seemed like an odd concept and I wanted to see how it would play out.

Must include the following:

  1. 3 things you loved (explain).
  2. 2 things you did not like about the book (explain).
  3. 1 connection you made with the text.
  4. Favorite Quote w/page number. (Make sure you actually find the quote in the book and NOT on the Internet.)
  5. Recommendation: Would you recommend it? Why? Who would you recommend it to?


I would reccomend this book to someone with nothing to read and need something for SSR. I would not reccomend it looking for a last book

Things I Loved

This was a good book and I liked a few things. One of the main ones being that she went through with the project. She pushed through all of the hate and didn't quit when it got hard. I also liked the plot. Often times when you have a true story, there isn't a good plot to it, however this definetly had a plot and was a good story. Lastly I liked that it was true, this actually happended.

Things I didn't Love

As great as this book is, I didn't like everything. For example, she was afraid of the media and couldn't handle the fame. Also It was really sad when her dad left her.