Morgan Crowel

Would you consider yourself conservative or liberal? Why?

I am a conservative because of abortion, same sex marriage, and death penalty. Abortion is a huge issue. I believe if you are raped or have a medical reason threatening your life you shouldn't have to have the kid, but if not you should have to have the kid because it was your fault for not preventing it correctly. Another issue is the death penalty. I personally like and am for the death penalty, so that would make me a conservative.

Same sex marrige is a huge issue we are dealing with today. I am 100% consevative on this issue. As a person i don't want to see two men kissing or two women when I am in public. They shouldn't be allowed to get married because why change the future when there as nothing wrong with the past. That is why I concider myself a conservative.

Top 10 Things Most Important to Me.

1. Abortion- I am 90% conservative and 10% Liberal for the fact that there is rape and medical reasons. I believe that unless you are raped or have a medical reason threatening your life then you HAVE to have that child because there are things to prevent pregnancy and if your were that uncautious then that is your own fault.

2. Same Sex Marriage- 100% Conservative

3. Death Penalty- 90% conservative and 10% liberal. I believe if you take an innocent life then we should take yours. Only if they prove you a 100% guilty. 10% Liberal because accidents do happen.

4. Affirmative Action- 100% conservative for that fact that you need to work for what you want.

5. Euthanasia- I am 90% Conservative and 10% Liberal

6. Welfare- 100% Conservative

7. Religion & Government- 100% Conservative

8. Social Security- 100% Conservative

9. Gun Control- 100% Conservative

10. Private Property- 100% Conservative

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Want to be a better voter?

What information do you still need to gain in order to be the best informed voter you can be?

You need to know if they believe in the same ideals as what you believe in. You should also look up some background information to see what they have done in the past. Lastly you need to know how successful they are and if they going do what they say.

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