Gordon Korman

Donovan Curtis, a lifetime troublemaker and a name that shouldn't have been known in the Academy, where the smartest kids in the district go to school. Yet, he ends up in the Academy's Robotics Class with Mr.Osborne. Arriving there unintentionally because of his latest screw up, he tries to fit in and hide from the superintendent. Will Donovan be able to cope with the Academy's super high standards or fall into the hands of the superintendent?

Favorite Part

The best part in the book was when they got payback on the other team for cheating at the Robotics Meet. That scene won my opinion by a landslide. They completely wrecked Pot Head (the other team's robot). They used Tin Man's (their robot) forklift to lift Pot Head up and drive him into the scorer's table. The Noah (the smartest kid in the Academy) took one of the scorer's chairs and slammed it down on Pot Head to finish it all.


As a 6th grader, I have read many books, but Ungifted is at the top of my list. It amazed me in a lot of different ways with middle school kids smarter than the above average adults and a superintendent who got a average kid into the Academy.


Created by best selling author, Gordon Korman, this 2014 Lone Star book is a great book to read. Donovan shows that you don't have to be super smart to be gifted. There are many other ways to be gifted.


I promise you won't be disappointed in reading this realistic fiction book. If you've ever questioned whether you fit in to your school, this is definitely the book for you.