Zach's lie

By Roland Smith


Zach's lie is about a kid and his house gets ransacked. So then he has to live a lie. Zach ends up having to go to live a new life. He has a little toy freind that's name is comander IF. Zach gets introble so then he meats Sam the schools custodion.


The book Zach's lie takes place in Elko.

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Roland Smith has written many different books. He was born and raised in port land, Oregon. Him and his wife, Marie, live on a small farm on a small farm.

Personal recommendation

I thought Zach's lie was a good book. I would recommend it to someone that would like a good book to read. It is a book that is about a family that has had to move two times. i thought the book was a really nice book i would defiantly recommend it.


Zach is the protagonist, the men who rasact there house are the antagonists, Zach's mom is another character, Catalin, and Zach's sister is another character. is an other character