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Is it worth being sad, just to be popular? By: Jenna DeVito

What the Big Deal with Social Media Anyways?

So many teens and young adults have daily problems and conflicts throughout their day, and their social life shouldn't be a majority of it. What teenager doesn't have a smart phone? Exactly. Social Media is everywhere and the communication from person to person is outrageous. So the amount of time a teen spends talking to someone or is on social media, can lead to depression and signs of abnormal behavior from a teen.

Popularity and Self Viewing

“While social media is not the cause of low self-esteem, it has all the right elements to contribute to it,” she says. “Social media creates an environment where disordered thoughts and behaviors really thrive.” For girls who have a tendency toward perfection, anxiety and disordered eating, they may see images of thinness as advertising the recipe for happiness, and validation online can falsely fill the need for acceptance"

The senctance above represents that social medial has taken control to young woman and teens across America. This is our society today and you can live like this?


This website talks about how social media is used to be accepted by others outside of school. It takes away from what you may believe is "Just talking" but constantly talking to others and being involved in the "real world" is a lie.