Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 5th September, 2016

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Congratulations to the new Year 6 House Captains!

As the dust settles after another thrilling campaign, we would like to send a huge congratulations to all of the House Captain contenders. In total, Mrs. Sheward received over 60 applications for the leadership roles which made the shortlisting process incredibly hard.

After a stream of well presented speeches from each of the potential leaders, the voting booths opened for the Year 5 and 6 children to select the person who best suited their needs and then the votes were counted.

The House Captains of 2016 - 2017 are:

Dragons: Lucas Rummun & Leila Pimlott

Lions: Shaye Thakrar & Bilquis Badri

Phoenix: William Tiang & Lauren Darley

Unicorn: Aedan Bhattacharya & Olivia McCafferty

We can not wait to see you all successfully lead your teams to greatness this year.

Ambassador Applications Open

Now that the House Captains have been chosen, the application process for the ambassador roles is now open.

We are looking for two leaders for each of the following curriculum areas:

  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Chinese Language

The closing date is Thursday 8th September at 9a.m.

Good luck!

Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Leadership influences the members of a community

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Responsibilities of leaders and the communities (responsibility)

  • Representation of opinions within a community (perspective)

  • How societal decision-making has an impact on communities (causation)

Every class is in full swing and all have researched many different examples of leaders both in their community and on a global scale, past and present.

The 'big' learning this week has centered around the choices the leaders have made and how each and every decision can affect the people they govern. As you can imagine, some of the facts and figures related to individual leaders have astounded the cohort, especially those who chose to study autocratic societies. From the wicked tyrants to the kind hearted noblemen, everyone has come to realise that leadership is a big responsibility and the best candidates serve their country well because they are rich in all areas of the learner profile.

English: Narrative Writing

The children have just started to plan their short stories. The focus this term is to develop the use of imagery where the writer will appeal to the audiences five senses.

The author will us the story mountain structure to deliver a power dilemma and suitable resolution for their ideas.


Over the past two weeks, Year 6 have been applying their knowledge of place value while working with decimals numbers. They have rounded decimals and used them in real life contexts, for example, when recording times in athletics.

Over the next week the children will work mostly with negative integers and decimals. The main learning will centre around ordering negative decimals and then adding and subtracting negative integers.

Bake Sale - 6S and 6R

Wednesday 7th September is Bake Sale Day for 6S and 6R.

Remember to give your child $5 if you would like them to buy a cake for their morning snack.

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General Notices;

  • Please update your family and child's data on Gateway

    If you haven't already done so this term, please login to Gateway as soon as possible

    and follow the instructions to update and verify your family and child's information.

    Please note that this data update / verification step is mandatory. You will not be able to use other Gateway functions - such as activity booking - until it has been completed.

    We therefore recommend you complete this process as soon as possible. You can access Gateway at

    If you need any help please contact the school's IT team at

  • Allocation for secondary school will be determined by your residential zone at the start of Year 6. For further details, parents should refer to the information available on the ESF website at for key dates and for school zones. All newly joined Y6 are guaranteed a Y7 place but not necessarily for the school of zone.

  • Prospective parents are invited to attend the KGV Year 6 Parent Information and Middle School Curriculum Evening, 5-6pm on the 7th of September.

    It will be held in the Hall at KGV School.

    Please note there is no visitor parking on the school site. For any enquiries, please contact

  • Please check the school newsletter for your child's swimming lesson times.

  • Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate school uniform. Reminder please; no jewelry to be worn at school, except watches.

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

Important Dates:

9 September - school closed - CPD Day

10 September - school closed - CPD Day

16 September - school closed - Public Holiday

10-17 October - HALF TERM HOLIDAY

22-25 November - Year 6, APA Camp