Land for Sale in Pennsylvania!


William Penn, a Quaker, son of Sir William Penn, founded Philadelphia. The Province of Pennsylvania was then named after William Penn
WHY SHALL YOU COME? Why the terms being 40 shillings per hundred acres and shares of 5,000 acres for 100 pounds, WHO WOULDN'T WANT THIS?

Proprietary Colony

About Pennsylvania

Reasons settled: religious freedom; Immigrant groups: Germans, Lutherans, Baptists, Amish, Mennonites; Economic Base: farming, trade with Natives, Philadelphia is the port, foreign can; Government: story executive branch, lower legislative chamber with limited powers; Religion: Quakers: Amish, Baptist, Mennonites (Protestant); Relations with Native Americans: respect the Natives, no wars with Natives; King Charles II owed Sir William Penn and for the payment of the debt, King Charless II gave the Admiral's son William Penn the Province of Pennsylvania in 1681; considered a Middle Colony on the coast of the Atlantic; geographic location enabled the port of Philadelphia to develop and thrive which allowed for trade and goods to be sent across the Atlantic

Little More About Your New Home!

1683, Penn signed friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape Indians & Mennonite families arrived from Germany to settle Germantown
1688, Germantown Quakers adopted first antislavery resolution in America
1701, Penn presented Charter of Priveleges for Province of Pennsylvania; est. religious freedom, tolerance
1712, Pennsylvania Assembly banned the importation of slaves
1720, first Catholic congregation formed in Philadelphia
1731, Benjamin Franklin opened the first U.S. Library!
1737, Pennsylvania took over large portion of Native American land
Earlier this year, Benjamin Franklin discovered the lightning is a form of electricity using a kite!