Computer Hardware

Emily Liu

Hard drive& SSD


The hard drive of a computer is located in the bottom of a computer of laptop, it is a device that stores and retrieves data. It saves all the information on your computer, for example documents and operating systeming. There is an arm that write the information onto a disk.


SSD stands for solid state drive and it is thinner, light and faster that the hard drive. It does the same job as the hard drive and stores and retrieves information. However it does not have an arm or a disk. SSDs are more expensive but don't always hold as much information as the hard drive. They are found in very thin laptops, for example ultrabooks or sleekbooks.

Optical Drive

The optical drive is located on the side of laptops or computers. It uses a laser to read data from optical disks (CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays). It can be used to read game disks or to install software. In some laptops, for example the MacBook Air, there is no optical drive, so therefore software can downloaded from the Internet.


A monitor, otherwise known as a screen electronically displays what is happening. It shows what you are doing on your computer, laptop or tablet etc. A monitor provides visual display of what is happening, if a computer doesn't have a monitor then you wouldn't be able to see what you are doing.


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, or in other words, a processor. It does the job that the brain does and carries out the instructions of the computer program. The CPU carries out the calculations and it is measured in GHz. GHz stands for the number of cycles per second. Intel is the biggest company who make CPUs but other company like apple and dell also do so. There are also Quad processors which can carry our four instructions at a time instead of just one.


RAM stand for RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. The job of the RAM is to store information and application temporarily, it speeds up your computer as you can access application quickly. It allow users to keep many programs open all at one time. For example, if you werre writing a word document, then the information would be stored temporarily in the RAM. If a computer has too little RAM, it would be a lot slower for applications and programs to reload and may cause your computer to be very slow or crash. The RAM does not permanently store data like the Hard drive, it also does so temporarily so it a piece of work is not saved, then there is a risk of losing it.


The motherboard is the main circuit board, all the components are attached to the motherboard, for example the CPU, the RAM, Hard drive, the USB slot etc. Components like the fan are also attched to the motherboard, the fan is used to cool doen the device. The motherboard is very important for the organization of devices as everything is eventually connected to it.