Amazing Race Project

By: Bradley Farrar

San Antonio, Texas

The weather in San Antonio is normally hot but can sometimes get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (pictures won't load so I can't put any pictures).

Baiyin, China

It's not normally very hot at all but CAN get hot.

Moranbah, Queensland

The average minimum and maximum temperatures are VERY low so it is often cold.

Hammarstrand, Sweden

During July, August, and September it is fairly hot but during the other months it is colder.

Mauéz, Brazil

First 5 months are VERY hot and the rest aren't anywhere near as hot.

Mbalizi, Mbeya

Average temperature in Fahrenheit is within the early 60's or late 50's.


Trash Day

In Moranbah Queensland there is a lookout called Moranbah Lookout. There is a LOT of trash there. The challenge is to pick up 10lbs of trash as fast as you can.

Yarn... A Lot Of It

Sticksommen Yarn Shop is a very popular attraction in Hammarstrand. The challenge is to count exactly how many balls of yarn is at the shop and retry until they get the right number.

"Bridge on the road to Utengule"

On the "Bridge on the road to Utengule" a lot of people cross it. The contestants are to count how many people cross it within 4 hours in two days and find the average.