Ferdinand Magellan

Alex McELwee

Who Is Ferdinand Magellan?

Ferdinand was born in Portugal and lived there for most of his life. When he was growing up he worked on ships and sailed around. He began to know navigation and other things necessary to be an explorer.

Why Did He Go

He went because he wanted to find a westward route to get to the Spice Islands. Magellan is glory, because he was not looking for gold, or treasures, he was not looking to spread a religion but instead he just wanted to explore and find a new route. But Spain wanted to spread their christian religion to the spice islands, that's why they agreed to go

His Trip...

Magellan was accused of theft, while working or the navy's ships, but he was proven innocent. It still had ruined his reputation so it was very hard to try to find someone who would pay for his voyage. so he asked the king if he could seek help from Spain, who was their biggest rival at the time. King granted his wish and Magellan went to Spain to talk to King Charles I. The king said yes to Magellan and gave Magellan a fleet of 5 ships with an all spanish crew. A lot of the spanish people did not like this because they did not trust their Portuguese captain. On his voyage through south America he had many troubles. He lost men and ships, he even killed some of his men for trying to go against him. Because of that a ship decided to go back to Spain so they were down to 3 ships in the fleet. they finally made it to the Philippians and tried to convert those people to Christianity. But some did not want to. So there was a battle and Magellan was killed in it.
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The End Result

In the end This voyage was successful, even though many men were killed and they had lost many many ships, and a lot of money was spent. Magellan had finally found a westward route to get to the spice Islands by the Philippians. Magellan was killed in the battle at the Philippians, but the mattan leader made peace with the spanish people of Spain. What was left of the crew went back to Spain with a new captain, Del Cano.
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