Drones and Robots

How Are They Used?

Why do we build robots/drones and are they an issue?

We build robots/drones because they help us in many ways like the military, healthcare, fire department, etcetera (Frederick). Robots are mostly used in healthcare because it is much easier than opening a person's body and doing it physically. Drones are mostly used for support like the fire department. They can spot where the fires are and where it started (Criss). Robots are not an issue but, drones can be an issue. Drones can invade people's privacy when flying (Bennett).

Should we stop building drones/robots?

We should keep on building drones/robots because they help us with many jobs. They can do things that humans can't normally do.

What will happen in the future with drones/robots?

Many countries in the world are starting to become more advanced in technology. For example, the U.S. just finished building a helicopter that can destroy a guided missile (Singer). The marines have a huge solar-powered drone that can fly for about 11 days. Also, the marines have a micro drone that can sneak up on enemies like snipers (Singer).