Francis Flash


Reading and Writing

Wrapping up Biographies

At the start of this month we wrapped up our biographies. I am so impressed with the hard work students put into these books! You can see some of our biography buddies below!
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Compound Words

During the beginning of the month we focused on compound words! We made compound word webs with our classmates and even created our own folding compound word displays!
Compound Words
Compound Word Webs!


As we dip into poetry we've talked about the importance of visualizing as we read. We also call these "mental images". We talked about how the writer paints a picture! We even practiced "painting our own pictures" in the reader's head by writing about colors. We tried to appeal to our reader's senses :).
Mental Images - Rat Poem
Visualizing Song!


March is national poetry month! We've begun to dip into poetry by talking about what we notice about poetry. We've noticed so far that poets write about what they LOVE and what they KNOW. We then became the poets! We've written poetry about what we love and know as well. We can'tw ait to share our poetry with you!



This month in science we learned about different types of weather! Students learned about the different kinds of clouds and what types of weather comes from them. We also talked about how rain falls, how thunderstorms and rainbows form, and more! See some of our great work below :).
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How does rain fall from the clouds?

Other March Fun!

Bike Assembly

We had an assembly on the importance of bike safety! Our students learned a lot about their brains and how to protect them when riding in the car, on a bike, and more!

Baby Shower!

I cannot thank you all enough for helping the kiddos shower Baby Francis and I with books and advice at the shower a few short weeks ago! You were all way too generous! I don't have any pictures from the shower, HOWEVER, I made sure Mr. Francis read all of your advice for him! He says he feels much more prepared now ;).
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