Persuasive Project Darius Dotson


Are you tired of your room looking like this?

You think your room will stay dirty FOREVER!!!

But There is a solution!!!


THE ROBO CLEANER 3000 is here to help!!!!


This little robot will help you clean your room ,cool HUH?


so you might ask what does this robot look like?

Well here it is

so are you tired of your clothes getting bigger and bigger in your closet?

And are you tired of looking for this everyday?

Well Good News

the robo cleaner 3000 can charge your device in this little slot

yes you can charge an i-phone or i-pod

So are you bored of cleaning alll day long and its the weekend?

Well No More!!!

So...... Come on!!!

Get yourself a robo cleaner 300

You will be happy after you see your clean room