Forensic Photographer

Forensic photographers take photos to reproduce the scene.

The first step

Crime scene photographs are taken immediately after investigators arrive. Crime scene images can be used to recreate a scene in a more contained environment, or for display during a trial. The photos can also aid investigators in recreating events that happened at a crime scene.

Educational Requirements

In order to earn certification as a forensic photographer through the International Association for Identification, multiple conditions must be met. Applicants must have a minimum of three years of experience in the area of photography and/or digital imaging, as well as a minimum of 40 classroom hours of photography courses. An examination must then be completed to earn certification.

Cases solved with Forensic Photography

Cases are not solved through photography, but convictions are brought with it. Photography documents the crime scenes, and the various evidence collected is handled by other investigators. The photographs are key in recreating details of the crime scene both in a test environment and in the courtroom, aiding in convictions.


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