Most modern country of all Gulf States

What is Bahrain?

Bahrain is an Asian country that's located in the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago made out of Bahrain Island and thirty smaller islands. Bahrain is 700 square kilometers. That is about the same size and the Dominican Republic. According to the 2013 census, there are approximately 1,753 people per square kilometer of land. The total population of Bahrain is 1,332,000. People of Bahrain call themselves Bahrainis.

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Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf, so the climate is very hot and dry. Spring and fall are more mild seasons but the humidity level can still reach 81%. The entire country is mainly the same climate. There is not a very large variety. The summer months, June to October, can exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter months, December to March, get up to about 68 degrees Fahrenheit and never exceed 86 degrees. The in-between months consist of spring and fall. Winter months average about 2 centimeters of rainfall and summer months see many sandstorms.

Famous Cities


Manama is Bahrain's capital and largest city. This picture is Bahrain's World Trade Center. Manama has approximately 157,000 people. It is located in the northeast corner of Bahrain.


Amwaj Islands-The Amjaw Islands are a group of islands that were man-made and cover about one square mile. These islands lay northeast of the mainland. They are near Muharraq Island.

Al Fateh Mosque-The Al Fateh Mosque is Bahrain's largest worship center. It was built in the 1990's and contains Bahrain's National Library.


Food of Bahrain

  • Machbous- spicy meat and rice (usually fish or chicken)
  • Muhammar-dessert with (traditionally) brown rice and sugar/dates
  • Sambousas-pastries filled with cheese/sugar, meat, and nuts


  • 85% of Bahrainis are Muslim
  • The rest are
  1. Christian
  2. Hindu
  3. Jewish
  4. Parsee


The monetary unit in Bahrain is called Bahraini dinar. In America, $2.65 is equal to one Bahraini dinar. A Bahraini dinar is different from an Iraqi dinar. One Bahraini dinar is equal to 3,082 Iraqi dinars.


  • Arabic is the official language-it is a modernized version of the original Arabic
  • Farsi (official language of Iran)
  • Urdu (official language of Pakistan)

Jobs and Industries


About 79% of Bahrainis are in the industrial business, 20% work with government, and the remaining one percent spend their time working agriculturally.

Fun Facts

Bahraini's read from right to left.

The Arabic alphabet is called Abjad and there are 28 letters in it.

In 2004, Bahrain's flag was in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the world's largest. It was 169.5 meters long and 97.1 meters wide.

The first oil discovery on the Arabian Gulf was in Bahrain.


Numbers in Arabic 1-10 (الأعداد )
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