South Grove Intermediate School

News and Notes for February

From Mrs. Reid

February is upon us already! Students are gearing up for Valentine's Day parties and the first round of ISTEP! Parties are on Friday, February 12th. Donations of snacks, clear drinks, napkins, and/or cups are greatly appreciated. If your student is bringing Valentine's cards for classmates, he/she must bring them for all students in the homeroom class. We prefer that students not pick and choose who to bring cards to.

The first round of ISTEP begins February 29. This part is done paper and pencil and involves multi-step math problems, reading, and writing. We are confident that students will be fully prepared to take this first round of tests. You can encourage your student to do their very best. Make sure they get plenty of rest and feel good coming to school each day!

Continue to check Family Access to receive current grades and to check assignments. If you need a Family Access code, please contact the South Grove office.

Important Dates for February

  • February 9 - Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends
  • February 15 - No School Presidents Day
  • Yearbooks on sale - don't forget to order one for your child!

Mrs. Reid, principal

Spelling Bee 2016

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WISH-TV I Love to Read Challenge

The WISH-TV I Love to Read Challenge is back! Many South Grove classrooms took part in this last year and the kids were super excited!

  • the challenge is January 4 through February 29
  • student calendars are due on March 1 & 2
  • Every student that participates will receive a certificate signed by the Governor and First Lady.
  • Students who read a total of at least 2,500 minutes for grades 4-8 will receive a special Outstanding Reader sticker. Those that reach the challenge minutes goal will also qualify to win a prize and help their classroom with the chance to win a prize. The winning students and classrooms will be invited to the Children’s Museum for a ceremony in April. The Governor and First Lady will be invited and one or both have participated in the ceremony each year.

Let's READ!

~Mrs. Stacy Johnson

Fibonacci Sequence in Room 103 - Patterns in Math & Nature are cool!

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Mrs. Mann's Class & RTV6

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News from Mrs. Agee's 6th Grade Classes

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On January 14, students in Mrs. Agee's ELA classes presented their findings on How To Survive In The Desert. They had the choice of creating a poster, a Google Slideshow, or a ThingLink. During presentations, the rest of the class had the ability to "discuss" the projects on a backchannel. Critical thinking and student feedback were alive and well!

On January 15, two of our students set up our very own Classroom Twin Day! Sophie and Madison printed flyers, came up with awards and organized the whole thing! Thanks for your contribution to our classroom culture, Sophie and Madison!

On January 29, two of our Genius Hour groups reached out to mentors to get help with their projects. We have received emails back from both NUVO newspaper and Lowe's hardware store! I am so proud of the kids!

Nurse Notes

Attention 5th Grade Parents

It's not too early to start thinking about the immunizations needed for 6th grade.

The Indiana State Department of Health School Immunization Requirements for students entering the 6th grade are as follows:

3 Hep B (Hepatitis)
5 DTaP Vaccines (Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis)
4 Polio Vaccines
2 MMR Vaccines (Measles, Mumps & Rubella)
2 Varicella Vaccines (or history of Chicken Pox documented by a physician)
1 Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus & Pertussis)*
1 Meningitis Vaccine (MCV4)*

(* additional vaccines required for 6th grade students)

Contact Ms. Pollert if you have any questions! (

Notes from Mrs. Alkire

The 5th Grade Singing Bees Choir attended a Discovery Concert given by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on January 26. In addition to visiting the beautiful Hilbert Circle Theatre, the students heard a live performance of great music including Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. Everyone, including our parent chaperones, had a wonderful time at the concert.

Some of Mrs. Alkire’s 4th grade classes learned about the music of Spongebob in music class! Espen Knight, a 6th grader at South Grove, is an expert on Spongebob, including the musical soundtracks that are used in the episodes. Students learned about the composers of the music as well as the instruments that are used. The 4th graders thoroughly enjoyed Espen’s presentation!

Music Notes

Last Saturday, 35 students participated at ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Festival at Doe Creek Middle School in 33 events. Students who attend work up a short solo or small ensemble piece to play in front of an adjudicator who is proficient on their instrument. Students are placed into groups by ability level and scored on an ISSMA provided rubric. South Grove and Middle School students who participated earned 22 Gold ratings, 9 Silver ratings, and 2 Bronze ratings. Three 8th grade students entered into Group 1, which is the most difficult level and usually reserved for high school students, and all three narrowly missed receiving a Gold rating and moving on to the State level festival.

~Mr. Carney

Healthy Year - Healthy You!

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America? There’s approximately 2,200 deaths1 per day relating to heart health. That’s why February is American Heart Month! Here are some quick pointers to keep you and your family heart healthy.

1) Serve a colorful meal. Add more color on your plate with fruits and vegetables. The more color your plate looks like a rainbow, the more vitamins and minerals you and your family are eating.

2) Add in whole grains. Choose whole grains, such as brown rice, popcorn, whole-wheat bread, and oatmeal, at least half of the day. These powerful grains provide fiber that can help with heart disease.

3) Drink smart. Sugar-sweetened beverages, like soda and energy drinks, can provide many calories with few nutrients. Try incorporating water infused with strawberries, cucumbers, mint or basil.

4) Make a meal together. Whether you look to Pinterest, Google, or recipe books all have great resources for home cooked meals. You can provide your family a low cost meal that benefits them heart and soul.

5) Go explore. Getting out of the house to jog, walk, roller blade, play tag, or any other activity can benefit your heart for years to come. Try to be active at least 20 minutes per day on most days of the week.

~Tarrah McCreary, BGCS Dietician

1 “Be One in a Million this American Heart Month”. CDC. 2014.

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Don't have a book? Don't forget about myOn! Many of these books are worth AR points!

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Little League Information

The Challenger League is for children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities and issues. This program is free of charge to participants through sponsorship. Please contact Kerri Coleman, the Challenger League Representative for Southport Little League, for more information.

Click here for information on the Southport Challenger League.