Niki Demeter

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Where am I from?

I was born in Ohio and moved to Florida when I was 2. I've lived in Lake Mary ever since.

What is your major?

Currently I am a Mechanical Engineering major. I choose this major because I love physics. However, I'm thinking about switching to a computer science major because I like to code. It's a raging internal debate, physics or programming?

Why did I decide to join EXCEL?

The EXCEL program sounded like a great way to meet new people and participate in undergraduate research.

How do I think EXCEL will help me succeed in my first year of college?

I think that the smaller math class will help me succeed. Also, the mandatory studying forces me to set aside time to focus on math.

One unique fact about me is...

I love running long distance. I was on my high school cross country team all four years and it was super fun, even getting up early on Saturdays to go for a run!