Reopening and Zoom Meeting

Midnight Sun Charter

Enrollment and Registration

Happy Late Summer! Please see my information and link below to a Zoom meeting for Monday, August 10th at 6pm. I will answer questions you have about reopening and our At-Home learning options.

If you are attending Midnight Sun Charter School for 2020-2021, please make sure you are registered online. The following link will take you to MSBSD Registration: Also remember to fill out our doc-sign Ms. Cherry sent to your email. If you want to stay enrolled with Midnight Sun but are selecting "at-home" learning, there is a check box to mark on the online registration. Remember, if you choose to homeschool, you lose your enrollment status with Midnight Sun Family Learning Center. At-home and Homeschool are two very distinct platforms for learning. At-home learning is through Midnight Sun (similar to last spring, with a daily contact teacher, minus the daily Zoom meetings, and an online fully loaded curriculum. See information below on Matsu Virtual Learning and APEX); homeschool is parent teaching through a different organization.

K-5 At-Home Virtual Learning Option Sample lessons

English Language Arts Sample

Math Sample

Grades 6-8 At-home Virtual Learning Option:

APEX video tutorials:

Who and what is Apex?

How does Apex work?

What should my student and I expect?

Zoom Meeting with Mrs. Harren: Questions from Parents

Monday, Aug. 10th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Amy Harren ~ Midnight Sun Family Learning Center Principal

See you all August 19th!