A film review

The Hunguer Games

The Hunguer Games

The Hunguer Games is a science fiction and action film.The film is about the Hunguer Games ,there is a war between 12 districs to survive.It is a t.v programme for the rich

person.In the film there is acction,romance,fiction and adventure.The main characters

are Katniss and Peeta.Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss and Josh Hutcherson plays

Peeta.In 2012 Gary Ross directed the film.In the film there is instrumental music.

Our opinion:

The story is interesting.The actors and the costumer areexellent.The special effects

are amazing.Music isn´t loud and we don´t hear it very well.The ending is romantic.We

recommend the film because it is amazing.

The Hunger Games Official Movie Trailer #2 [HD]