Sacred Heart Weekly Update

November 16, 2020

Transitioning to Distance Learning

Thank you for your support in shifting to distance learning for seven school days until Thanksgiving. Our planning over the summer helped teachers shift their instruction from in-person to distance learning in less than 24 hours. Our teachers are amazing and our planning paid off.

We ask the students to follow our online learning expectations that are posted at the bottom of the newsletter. These expectations help students stay focused on instruction and limiting distractions.

As I walked down the hallway last Thursday, I would have thought that the students were in the classroom. I could see teachers teaching from their Smartboard using Zoom, some students were engaged in small groups, others were singing Spanish songs, others doing exercises in gym class, or listening to a story, or drawing in art class and so much more. All of this with teachers teaching "live."

Through parent surveys, our teachers listened and were proactive in planning for distance learning this year. The students are following their normal schedule with teachers "live" during instruction. All students are using the same platform called Google Classroom to provide consistency.

At this time, we are planning on returning to school on Monday, November 30th.

Christmas Wreath Orders and Delivery

Wreath Pick-up:

Friday, November 20----3-6 pm NOTE CHANGE IN TIME (changed since we are distance learning)

Saturday, November 21---9 until Noon.

Bud Heifort and Pat Moore, Wreath Chairs

Math Initiative

Our math teachers are part of a CSCOE initiative called Pathways 4.0 and in partnership with Tierney Brothers. We will be focusing on math and using our NWEA math data to make an impact on our instructional practices. Teachers will look at their own class weaker strands and standards along with pushing their higher-achieving students into the high achievement growth quadrant and reinforce concepts for others.

Our math teachers will meet with an instructional coach three times this year. We have completed two requirements this fall:

1. Math teachers looked at the new 2020 norms, looked at the COVID-19 impact on learning, and reviewed their Fall test data.

2. Math teachers met with our coach to discuss fall math results and then each teacher chose a stand to target during the Fall-Winter term. Teachers will make adjustments to their math scope and sequence as needed.

After January 1st:

1. Our students will take the NWEA winter math test and teachers will review results.

2. In March, each math teacher will observe growth of their math strands and standards and then choose a focus strand from Winter to Spring.

3. In May, students will take the NWEA spring math test. Our hope is that each student will meet his/her math growth goal.

December lunches --Returns to full pay

****Don't forget to order December lunches.

We will return to regular PAID lunches on December 1st and the remainder of the year.

Don't forget to order your December lunches. We only have "extra" lunches if someone is absent.

The December menu will be ready soon.

2021-2022 K-8 Scholarship Information---Aim Higher

More information is in the flyer added at the bottom of this newsletter.


Nov. 1 Application opens

Feb. 20 Application closes

March 19 Families and schools notified of awards

May 31 Summer application opens

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2021-2022 Schulze PreK Scholarship for 4 year olds

The full flyer is attached below.

Apply here:

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I Got Tested-Now What? If I get tested, do I need to stay home until I get my result?

Not necessarily. If you have symptoms or are identified as a close contact of a person who has COVID-19, please stay home and away from others until you receive your test results. But, the fact of getting a test alone is not a reason to stay home. Here is the best guidance for whether to stay home while waiting for your test result:

  • If you know you’ve had close contact with someone who tested positive – in general, close contact means being within about 6 feet of a person who has COVID-19 for 15 minutes or more throughout the course of a day (24 hours) – you should stay home for 14 days (quarantine) no matter what your test result is. A negative test result does not mean you can stop quarantine. You could still become sick, and you could spread COVID-19 without knowing.
  • If you’ve been advised by your doctor or local public health to stay home and be tested, you should follow their advice.
  • However, if you do not have symptoms, have not had close contact with a person who tested positive, and have not been specifically recommended for testing, you can still get tested. A person deciding to get a test at a community testing event under these circumstances does not need to stay home until they receive their result; however, given high community spread, it is a good idea to limit social interactions during this time. And be sure to be vigilant about basic COVID-19 safety protocol when you do see others:
  • Wear a mask.
  • Stay 6 feet from others (social distancing).
  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.

Other things to consider:

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and away from others.
  • Make a plan. If your test is positive, you will need to stay home for at least 10 days.
  • Make a list of people you’ve been in contact with recently. Tell them you’re waiting for a COVID-19 test result and that they should stay away from others.
  • If you were tested for an upcoming medical procedure and do not have symptoms, you do not need to stay home.
  • You’ll be notified by phone, text, or email when your results are available. It may take several days.
  • If your symptoms get worse, contact your health care provider and tell them you’re waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test.

If your test is positive...

And you have symptoms:

A public health worker will contact you with more information, but you will definitely need to plan on staying home until all three things are true:

  • You feel better and symptoms have improved; and,
  • It has been 10 days since you first felt sick; and,
  • You have had no fever for at least 24 hours, without using fever-reducing medicine.

And you do not have symptoms:

You will need to stay home for at least 10 days after getting tested for COVID-19. A public health worker will contact you with more information.

If your test is negative...

And you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID-19:

You will need to stay home for 14 days after your last contact with the person who has COVID-19, whether you have symptoms or not.

  • It can take up to two weeks for a person who has been exposed to get sick.
  • If you were tested early after being exposed, the test may not have detected the virus yet.

And you have symptoms:

Talk to your doctor and follow their advice. If there is not another diagnosis, you should still stay away from work, school, and other public places until you’re feeling better and have no fever. Symptoms of COVID-19 can be similar to other illnesses, like flu, and the risk of spreading these illnesses to others in your community can be high.

And you do not have symptoms:

Continue to protect yourself by using social distancing and frequent hand-washing, and by wearing a mask when you’re out in public. Get tested again if you develop symptoms or have contact with someone with COVID-19.

Santa's Workshop-December 3-4

Santa’s Workshop: December 3 & 4 (TO BE DETERMINED)

We hope to have this wonderful tradition this year, but things will look a little different because of THE GRINCH(Aka-COVID)!

How much does it cost?

Students can shop items in many categories-all new and all priced at $5. Students can shop for only 4 people this year.

Where do the profits go?

Funds directly benefit the students and staff of Sacred Heart School. PTC distributes funds for all school assemblies, treats during Catholic Schools week, end of the year Teacher Celebration, among many other fun events throughout the year and next years gifts.

How can my child participate?

Fill out the form that will be sent home with your child next week. Please send $5 per gift your child will purchase for a maximum of $20. Cash or check(Payable to SHCS) and gift tags in an enclosed envelope. Your child will need to fill out the gift tags at home for who their gift is going to. Each child will go with their own class this year and teacher. There will be gift bags and wrapping paper for gifts that students will wrap this year. Your child will bring their garbage bag home with wrapped gifts ready to go under the tree.

Looking for how you can help this year?

The Grinch does not allow volunteers this year! You can help by sending your child’s form, money, gift tags and a labeled garbage bag with your child’s name and grade on the outside. What a great learning opportunity for your child to be able to shop and pay for items, as well as keeping the spirit of giving alive! If you would like to send extra money to donate to the “St. Nicholas Fund” to help support other shoppers that may not have the means, please send money in a separate envelope labeled “St. Nicholas Fund.”

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Believe and Read Virtual Kindergarten Preview

CSCOE has planned a virtual kindergarten preview on November 17 at 8 pm so parents can learn more about our Believe & Read program. Hear from Catholic school parents, teachers, and principals about the impact of the Believe and Read program on their emerging readers in kindergarten through second grade.

Sacred Heart Catholic school is one of 33 Catholic schools in the archdiocese using this program. We encourage parents to log in to learn more, especially our 4 year old PreK parents.

Register here:

Or watch live on CSCOE's Facebook page

We are starting to enroll new kindergarteners and new students, grade 1-8, starting in November!

Week at a Glance-Distance Learning This Week

*****Don't forget to order December lunches.



2:10 pm Sterling Karate goes Virtual. They will send you a link.




Wreath pick-up all day


Wreath pick up 9:00-noon.

Mark your Calendar:

Nov. 20 End of trimester 1

Nov. 23-26 NO SCHOOL -Enjoy the week! Happy Thanksgiving.

Need Gloves and Mittens

If you have gloves and/or mittens at home that do not fit anymore, please send to school. We could use some spare gloves/mittens at school.

Online Learning Expectations for all students that join Zoom classes

The teachers have created the following expectations for all students that are distance learning at home. We feel that these expectations provide the best learning experience for your child at home.
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Sign up to Volunteer---Treat Thursday for Staff

Volunteer to provide treats for teachers for all the hard work they are doing each day. Thank you for the many families that have already signed up.

Go to "Sign Up" to choose a Thursday listed to bring in treats. Note: SignUp will be ready to go later today.


1-2 dozen treats and/or beverages are needed for the 20 staff in the building. Store bought items please. You can choose a theme to inspire contributions (…”We’re Bananas for You!”…”Thanks for being so SWEET to our kids!”…”CHEERS to our teachers!”…”You’re the Apple of our Eyes!”…).

Or simply something you choose is great too! Kids can drop off donations with Mrs. Bowback at the front desk. Thanks for helping support our great staff at SHCS!

Hiring a part time technology teacher

We are hiring for a K-8 technology teacher to help teach students technology skills such as keyboarding, Google Classroom, Google docs, sheets, websites, iMovie, coding, etc.

Qualifications: Technology expertise, 4 year degree, good communication skills, organized, and love to work with all ages of students.

All inquires, please contact Karen Bursey @ 763-537-1329

Hiring: Temporary lunchroom aide

We are looking for a short term lunchroom aide on Wednesdays and Fridays from November 12-early January. Hours: 10:30-12:30 pm.

Please contact Karen Bursey for more information.

Box Tops for Education-Help earn money for Sacred Heart Catholic School

Box Tops is changing to fit today's families. The new and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state of the art technology to scan your store receipt. Find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to our school's earnings.

Find the Box Tops for Education app and search for Sacred Heart by our zip code---55422.

COVID-19 Decision Tree for Schools/Childcare

This diagram will help you determine when your child should stay home and return to school when sick.

Sacred Heart Catholic School Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic School is committed to instilling high moral standards rooted in Catholic teachings. We are dedicated to educating the whole child through an integrated C-STEM curriculum. In collaboration with our families, parish, and local community, we maximize individual potential to ensure students are prepared to meet the challenges in the world as disciples of Jesus.