La Rentrée (pour parents)!

Back to School Night!

Bienvenue! Welcome to French class!

In this course, your children will learn to communicate about topics that are meaningful to them. To that end, we use French as much as we can in the classroom and use materials that were created for native speakers of French. Of course, the students are not expected to understand as easily as a native speaker in level I, but our ultimate goal is for them to gain experience and confidence in expressing themselves in the language and in interpreting the language when reading or listening.


Here is the breakdown of grades for each nine weeks:

15% classwork (If absent, complete as homework.)

15% homework (School-wide homework policy applies.)

15% oral assessment (Daily participation in French.)

25% quizzes

30% tests / projects

I am at HCMS on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. You may reach me by phone at 527-2640 or by email at