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November 2015 Newsletter

A Day in the Life...

What would it be like to be a student in your building? When we think about how students experience their education in our buildings--what is like? The only way to really know is to experience what they encounter everyday. Challenge yourself and/or your counselors or teachers to walk a day in the life of a student in your building. What will you learn?

November News from MDE:

Here are recent updates and upcoming topics that will be of interest to you:

1. Program Evaluation: Use the same as last year and then add to it; Resources added

2. e-Prove will be rolled out in January and New Standards rolled out for AdvancED in summer of 2016.

3. Science Standards were approved on Tuesday, November 10th!

4. Social Studies scheduled to go to State Board of Education in mid-Winter

5. Teacher & Administrator Evaluation (SB H-8) was signed on Thursday:

2015-2016: 25% of annual year-end evaluation based on student growth

2016-2017: 25% of annual year-end evaluation based on student growth

2017-2018: 25% of annual year-end evaluation based on student growth

2018-2019: 40% of annual year-end evaluation based on student growth & assessment data

Student Growth--(when thinking about state assessments) it is about verifying not determining. Using portfolios, discussions, conversations, etc..not a point system that makes the decision for you.

New Teacher Network Off to a Great Start!

Invite your New Teachers to next session!

We had a nice group for our first New Teachers' Network (about 12).

Our topic was: Setting up a Positive Culture in Your Classroom

December 9th 4:30-6:30 Engaging Students/Parents through Social Media

March 16th 4:30-6:30 Reflections, Feedback, and Getting Better!

Spring 2016-Testing Schedule Update

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Key Dates to Remember:


School System Review (SSR) OR Interim Self-Assessment or Self Assessment

DUE March 18

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

DUE September 1


District System Review (DSR) OR District Interim Self Assessment or Self Assessment

DUE April 22

Assessment Links and Updates


MDE Link to all Things M-STEP


Update from Office of Assessment & Accountability

Learning Opportunities for Administrators & Teachers

Upcoming Conferences to Remember:

School Improvement Conference: November 16 and 17 8:30-4:00 @ Lansing Center

Register at: www.gomiem.org

November 2015

December 2015

January 2016

Tuning Up Classroom Assessments

January 12 and January 19

  • How confident are you that your current assessments are tightly aligned with the new Common Core State Standards?
  • How confident are you that your current assessments are rigorous enough to assess students at the appropriate depth of knowledge?
  • How confident are you that your current assessments are of high quality and produce valid results?

This 2-day workshop will provide background knowledge to ensure assessments are aligned to the Common Core and guide participants through a process of analyzing and modifying current assessments being used in their grade, course, building and/or district.

This K-12 workshop is great for teams of teachers using common or interim assessments within a PLC. Participants will need to bring a current assessment with them, printed out on single-sided sheets of paper.

Tuning up Classroom Assessments with Dr. Ellen Vorenkamp. Click here to register!

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