Nuclear energy

By CannenK & GabrielaS

How nuclear energy is made

Nuclear power is made by the splitting of a atom in a nuclear plant and cooled by water that is why there is a lot of steam coming out of the top of these plants .

How nuclear waste is stored

Most used fuel from nuclear power plants is stored in steel-lined concrete pools filled with water, or in airtight steel or concrete-and-steel containers as pictured above.

Pictures of an atom ,nuclear power plant and symbol

What are the advantage?

The advantages

A small amount material produces a lot of electricity.It does not give atmospheric pollution.
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The disadvantages

The waste has to be stored for thousands of years and is expensive .the plants are expensive to run and the waste is highly toxic .

Where they are found the most .

They are found the most in eastern United States and western Europe.
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The harmful effects