Jumping to Saftey

By: Ashley Hurtz

The book I read

I read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. It was about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in district 12 on the country of Panem, which stands in the ruins of th once North America. The country of Panem is centered around the Capital and to show thier control over the 12 districts they hold the Hunger Games every year. This year District 12 had its first ever volunteer, Katniss who voluteered to take her sisters place in the annual reaping to become a tribute in the Hunger Games. Katniss knows that it takes a lot of skills and courage to win the Hunger games, but the most valuable skilled needed to win the Hunger Games is knowledge on how to manipulate the Capital's audence. She knows that her past has prepared her for what lies ahead and knows how to survive on very little so she has a fighting chance to win this years Hunger Games.
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My Future Career Choice

My future career choice is a loan officer with production Agriculture in the state of Wisconsin. The annual salary is about $56,490, and this job is farely common. The demand on average for this job is going to increase 14% by 2020. With this job I would be woking in a bank or credit union.

The book I created

The book I created is called Jumping to Safty. Some of the main characters are:
  • Jewels, who is a dynamic character from district 11 fighting for her life in the 82nd annual Hunger Games.
  • Rosemary, who is a static character from district 12, fighting for her life in the 82nd annual Hunger games, she also teams up with Jewels.
  • Ann, who is the banker/loan officer in District 11, and she is also a dynamic character.

The minor characters include:

  • Marcus, who is a static character from district 11, and is also one of the tributes participating in the Hunger Games
  • All the other tributes from various districts

The theme/social issues that are still present in my book that were in the book that I read was the Hunger Games itself and the need to survive.

My Plot Chart

  • My book takes place in the year 3245, in the Distrtict of 11 on the Country of Panem (Which rose on the ruins of the once continent of North America).
  • Jewels has worked her whole life to help provide for her family. Most of the time she is the one who would have to go and visit Ann at the local loan officer building to ask for loans to pay off the seed bills that they had for the year because she is the most innocent looking one of her family. After the day of the reaping she will have to work no more because she was drawn to be in the 82nd annual Hunger Games, along with fellow neighbor Marcus.

Rising Action

  • Final goodbyes happened and the last person to see Jewels is Ann. She told Jewels that she would try and help her anyway possible. Says a building with so much technology from the Capital can afford to help her anyway she possibly would need it.
  • Jewels goes to training at the Capital. She trains with weapons people from her District only dreamed would exist, weapons of mass destruction. Occasionaly she would get word of what is happenign at home.
  • Jewels meets up with Rosemary for the first time at the elaborate real life indoor training facility that is equipped with real animals and other surroundings.
  • The Hunger Games begin, and Jewels becomes allies with Rosemary.


  • Jewels and Rosemary devise a plan to kill everyone else, leaving only thenselves as the victors. They carry out the plan but both ends up being killed afterwords by hidden fans above the arean stationed in the sky above the dome

Falling Action:

  • News of the deaths get back to district 11.
  • No victor is crowned since everyone died.
  • Ann feels like she has failed Jewels and her family.
  • Ann decides to give Jewels' family a loan to buy spercial land plots that are above their original fields.


  • Ann makes a generous donation and contribution so that nothing like what happened in this years Hunger Games would ever happen again.
  • Ann now works harder to help other families like Jewel's and she also is now one of the biggest sponsors of district 11.

My Book Synopsis.

Stuggling to survive in a world full of the highest advancements and technology is something Jewels faces everyday. One Day she's living on basically nothing at all in the poor district 11 in the country of Panem, and then next she's being overwhelmed by the Capital's luxary. Being a tribute in the 82nd annual Hunger Games does have it's benefites, but Jewels will have to fight to survive along with 24 other tributes, who all want to become the lone victor. Without meaning to, Jewels pairs up with the highest contending player Rosemary to help fight to the death. But will teamwork and the outside help of her longtime enemy Ann be enough to survive what lies ahead of her?

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