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Choice and Voice Empowers Students to Serve

Students had been planning to share their newfound solutions on the plastic problem with senior adults at an assisted living facility but scheduling due to testing, field trips, SOL prep and assemblies made it difficult to find a date for both schools. Students did not let this get in their way and took ownership of the situation.

Just recently, the Boyce students were able to share their projects and lead a second grade lesson on life cycle of plants while upcycling water bottles to hanging planters to a group of second graders. The lesson was presented through a Google Slide with a goal and step by step instructions. Students taught about the life cycle of a plant and explained why sun, air and water are needed. They were the "experts" on this day! In addition, I saw your students as small group leaders to 4-5 younger students modeling, supporting, encouraging and leading their small group of charges in very caring ways. Your students saw younger students who needed help tying a knot and showed them. Your students spoke kindly and encouraged quiet students. They were amazing and have now been requested by other classrooms to come and present.

Did I mention the students did all of this on their own? I wasn't needed and they told me so. "We've got this, Mrs. Deany-Dean." I just needed to get out of the way. Your students were encouraged to go beyond their comfort zone, inspired by an environmental issue and felt empowered to share their learning with others.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

"Measure twice, cut once..." was our motto for the Tree Fort Project conducted by the third grade students. After viewing the video, "The Top Ten Treehouses of the World" students were inspired to design and build their own personal tree forts. We quickly learned taking a project from a piece of paper and turning it into a three dimensional model can be a challenge. According to Samantha Jonkers, "It is was hard making the things you wanted to come true." However, that did not keep this team of budding architects from realizing their dream tree fort!

With this project students learned:

1. How to measure to the nearest 1/4 inch (Exact measurements matter when building!)

2. How to use a scale to represent objects larger than your piece of paper

3. To always measure more than once before you make a cut!

4. How to explain how mathematical terms look like in the real world

5. How to take a blueprint and "build" a three dimensional structure

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Mystery Disease

A serious illness is sweeping through the small community of Jamestown. Why are all these people sick? Where did they contract the disease? Students became public health workers as they tracked down the source of the illness. This problem-based learning unit combined science, social studies, math, research, group collaboration, and communication skills as students worked together in teams to solve the problem and present their findings.

GRIPS Showcase

Fifth graders visited the GRIPS Showcase at Johnson Williams Middle School on May 2nd to get an idea of what to expect as they transition to the gifted program at the middle school level. Students were able to observe and speak with 6th, 7th and 8th graders about their projects. Some students have already begun thinking about their topics for the coming fall!
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Summer Camps

If you are looking for some summer camps for your gifted student you might want to ask me about:

Ferrum College Summer Enrichment Camp June 23-29, 2019

Wesleyan Summer Gifted Program June 16-19, 2019

Email me and I will send a flyer home with your student!

D.G. Cooley Open House and Gifted Program Welcome

Thursday, Aug. 15th, 6pm

36 Westwood Road

Berryville, VA

Parents of gifted students can come and learn about what the gifted program will be offering for the 2019-2020 school year.

American Shakespeare Center's Blackfriars Playhouse

Tuesday, Sep. 10th, 7:15am

10 South Market Street

Staunton, VA

Students will be visiting the American Shakespeare Center where they will be watching a "A Midsummer's Night", participating in an actor talkback and taking a tour of the playhouse. This will be an extended day field trip with an approximate return time of 4:30pm.