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Pirate Spirit Week Begins Monday 9-22-14,

Monday: Crazy Socks

Tuesday: Crazy Hair

Wednesday: PJ Day

Thursday: Pirate spirit wear or colors

Friday: Favorite team

Coming Up Next:

In Room 1 we are learning about colors for the next few weeks. We would love it if you and your child could cut out some items that represent each of the colors to add to our color picture and if you can bring in a small item representing each color also. You are welcome to bring them in each week or all at once, whichever works best with your schedule.

This week we are looking at purple and yellow.

Next week is red and pink.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Julian, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Sunday Julian turns 3!

A Big "Welcome to the Jungle," to Ms. Caroline, we are so excited to play with you through the days!

A Look Back:

What a nice week we had. As I mentioned in my mid week update we put our 5 senses to work this week. Monday, we concentrated on our sense of hearing. We took note of things we heard on the playground and during our indoor listening walk. We heard a few new things outdoors, a bus, a street sweeper, mowers, laughter and in the way distance a construction vehicle. We did have a few imaginative guesses; a polar bear in Ms. Joanies office, a tiger down by the door to the playground and a shark near the kitchen. We found it was a little more difficult to hear inside since we all had bells on our shoes. But, we did hear Emmitt's pants going swish, swish, a fan, a stapler, a stamp, refrigerators, and friends talking. We were a little scientific even; we listened and made a guess of what we were hearing before our eyes told us if we were correct. On Tuesday we used our sense of touch. We used soft cotton balls to make a puffy cloud and had some neat touchy, feely items in sensory. Wednesday we used our sense of smell and as it turns out our sense of touch came in handy also. We explored scented play-doh and water marbles. We noticed the water marbles were squishy, soft, smooth, and smooshy. Math terms were also used; there were round, bigger, smaller and even itty bitty ones. As far as our play-doh experience we tried out the caramel scented and ended up with a few pies, donuts, cookies, and a shark. I think I am getting a few clues that our kiddos might enjoy a shark week. Thursday we put our taste buds to work. We talked about how our food tasted at each meal and after snack we had a treat and tried dried bananas, pineapple and papaya. Friday we played a little I Spy and we saw the clouds, playground equipment, our friends, the concrete, and a grasshopper. Throughout the week we were able to use our eyes to observe a caterpillar and a tree frog Ms. Jaime brought in. Our caterpillar seemed to be making a chrysalis on Friday, we will see.
Colors Song - Color Song for Children - Kids Songs by The Learning Station