Hawk Happenings

Staff and Partner Bulletin October 14, 2016

This Week at REA

The Week in the REA Community

Monday, October 10, 2016 -A Day
SLO'S DUE-Please hand in through Google Classroom
Jr High Football @ Gamble 430pm

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - B Day

Advisement Day-Prepare students for Intervention
7:55- Staff Meeting.

3:30- Myers out of building for EIP Meeting

Wednesday, October 12, 2016-A Day

7:45 ILT Meeting

Data Meetings- Various Specialists

Thursday, October 13, 2016- HS INTERVENTION DAY- First day

Data Meetings- Academic Teachers

Friday, October 14, 2016- B Day- SPIRIT DAY. Wear Blue and Yellow PROUDLY, If no shirt, please consider blue and/or yellow.

Team Meeting Day

Homecoming 7:30

Saturday, October 15, 2016

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Varsity Football vs Horizon Academy(@ West Hi) 3pm

Looking Ahead At REA

Next Week at Riverview East
Monday: October 17, 2016
Jr High Football @ Dater 430pm

Tuesday: October 18, 2016
8:00- Committee Meetings

8:00 Health Center Meeting- Conference Room

4:00 Curriculum Council - CIS report

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PD Day Teachers

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Data Meetings

Intervention Day

Myers out of building Principal Leadership

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Varsity Football @ Dayton Belmont 7pm

Friday, October 21, 2016- B Day
Spirit Day- Show your Hawk Pride

Myers out of building 2:00-Education Center

Tonight is Homecoming

First a huge thank you to Ms. Dohme and her team for making Homecoming a major event at Riverview. As a result, there is a need for chaperones. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Mrs. Myers cannot attend. Please consider helping out. It is not too late.

Committees Meet next Tuesday. Please attend your Committee Meetings

Professional Responsibilities

As a reminder, there is a category in your evaluation system that is called Professional Responsibilities. This category is meant to capture the following:
Timeliness of items such as SLO's, Syllabi and other items that have a time limit set by administration or the Education Center
Attendance at contractual meetings
Being on time for contractual meetings- Everyone understands the traffic issue, but if it is an issue for every meeting, it is a pattern.

Please do not put administration in a position to have to provide you with a less than satisfactory score in this category. Please be on time for meetings, please hand district and administrative items in on time.

Advanced Ed Committee will meet in the Conference Room on Tuesday Morning. We want to begin at 8:00 since we missed time. Thank you.

Pat - Annual Leave

So... talk about on time.....Pat is on Annual Leave if you have not figured that out. She will return on Tuesday. We miss her dearly.

Next Faculty Meeting

The agenda for the Faculty Meeting is as follows:
Sing A Song- Pat refreshed all of the songs for this year's staff. That means if you did not hand one in this year, we don't have it anymore. Please hand in one if you have not already. There is a basket by Pat's desk to put it after completion.
Remind 101- Brief instructional presentation
Intervention- All teams will meet to reflect on intervention, review an accountability sheet on intervention and plan groupings for next session. Please note, we want groupings to be based on some kind of data. That means if you need to do some pre-work with a diagnostic or review of grades, etc... please come to the meeting prepared.

Progress Reports- High School

It is the intention to pull this information this weekend. - BEST LAID PLANS OF MICE AND MEN OFT GO AWRY.

Hopefully, no awry....

This means that all teachers in grades 7-12 will get a spread sheet that will list their failures - D's and F's. If the student is going to pull it up or you know it is not a D or an F, please just delete them. If the student actually has a D or an F, we are asking you to just put a drop down comment next to the student. The comments are pre-filled. We are hoping to have this done by Tuesday. Mr. Dearwester, Mr. Thomas, Ms. Green and Mrs. Myers want to meet with the students sometime next week, no later than Monday the 24th. Please help be being prompt with this. It should not take but ten minutes to complete. If it takes longer, PLEASE PLEASE let us know. Mrs. Myers will test it out this weekend if no awry happens ..............


Correct Information in PowerSchool Reward Assemblies

In ILT as part of the BLT five step process, we said one incentive was to have assemblies for students with correct information in PowerSchool. We will be having those assemblies next week. We will have a movie, pop popcorn and sell snacks. The assemblies will start at sixth bell. Look to the bulletin for more information.

Intervention Update High School

This was really stalled by recent absences. Here is an update:
1. Enrichment selections have been created on a form. Students eligible for Enrichment will get a Google Form on Monday through email. They need to respond by Thursday at 2:00. If they do not respond, they will get assigned a location.
2. There will be advisement on Tuesday so that students can pick their enrichment.
ALSO, Teachers need to review information about Intervention/Enrichment with their students. Ms. Harris created a document. We will copy and put on pink paper to give to students. Please review this system and explain to students where they go.
Advisement Teachers must look at where their students are going and tell them. Make sure this is placed in the student's planner.
3. Teachers will be asked to go into the drive and print out their list of students that are assigned to their intervention/enrichment. This should be ready no later than 3:00 on Tuesday.
4. We will start intervention on THURSDAY. There just is not enough turn around time from Tuesday to Wednesday. This gives students enough time to figure out where they are going.
We will try to also send them a confirmation email to students. Team Leaders will be available to assist during Intervention Time.

1. If a student is in your advisement and not assigned one of the groups, please see Jenny Stehlin or Penny Harris (Your Team Leader) and place the student into a group. Please do not make this decision independently. Please have this done by 9:00 on Wednesday. We are going to get lists and email students by that time.
2. As we go through the failure process, if a student has failed a class, they will be moved to an intervention class by administration. This may facilitate needing more intervention classes and less Enrichment. We shall see.
3. In the Will Groups, there are two people assigned due to a miscount by an English Teacher who will remain nameless. Personally, I believe it is the Math Coach's fault. Why let an English Teacher count?
4. Please make sure that everyone is completing their 7-12 Intervention Planning Template by the end of the day today.

Intervention Update Elementary

Elementary is starting intervention this week for four days. Some items that need to be adhered to in order to be successful are as follows:
1. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of start and end time and what is happening in intervention. Please make sure all of your K-6 planning form is in.
2. It is not necessary to follow the high school schedule except to know when to go to specials.
3. We need to schedule the visit to Mount Washington. We are also going to review their schedule and see if we can do some modeling. Teachers who wish to go to Mount Washington need to give their information to Deb Wright. A maximum of two people from each team (K-2) and (3-6) will be allowed due to sub coverage. When these teachers go on the visit, we will be using all hands to help monitor classrooms as the visit will be at the end of the school day.

Reminder about students leaving your classroom for ANY REASON

So for some reason, the hallway procedures were not able to be printed to be hung in halls, but please remember the following:
1. If a student leaves your classroom for ANY REASON including the restroom, they must have a planner.
2. If a student is moved to the pod for any reason, they must go out with either your class planner or their own planner. This is for projects, or any reason. This is so we can see if students are out there for legitimate reasons.
3. Students are not to be sent to the pod or out of your room UNLESS IT IS TO A BUDDY TEACHER. Don't have one, then get one. Teachers are responsible for students assigned to their classroom.
Please remember, administration wants to support teachers who are having difficulties with students, but removing students from your classroom really only solves problems with student behavior for that moment. We also do not have the capacity to have students removed on a daily basis bell by bell. Please contact parents and follow the discipline plan from your teams.

Important Dates- Things that are due

Please review the Important Dates. The link for same is as follows:


Observation Cycle and ETPES

Mr. Yunker will be completing the CWT's for the first cycle.

Exercise and Keep Healthy

Our Neighbors at the LeBlond Recreation Center is offering Yoga and Spinning.

Here is the link for Yoga: http://cincyrec.org/search/facilityProgram.aspx?id=42457

Here is the link for Spinning: http://cincyrec.org/search/facilityProgram.aspx?id=42460

Please get a group together and be healthy in our neighborhood.

Safe Schools Online

You should have received an email about SafeSchools training. This is the blood born pathogen etc... training. Please take it asap. Please save your certificate. Administration will start getting a listing of people who did not complete. YOU MUST complete this training.
Here is the link:


Hallway Procedures

Please review hallway procedures. All students MUST HAVE A PLANNER IF LEAVING YOUR CLASSROOM FOR ANY REASON. Please use a classroom planner and make sure you have one.

Please Review Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/173cINrCnbfDCZv6CzfYWgeBhLlgLzc-bkTJ6y-CKCuE/edit#heading=h.lz3z5ts074q0