Wellbeing & Flourishing Forever

A Mental Health in Schools Pilot Project Partnership

Innovative School & Community Partnership

Aurora Academic Charter School and Sherbrooke Community League are pleased to announce that they are engaging in a collaborative mental health and wellness pilot project that supports students and families to promote positive mental health and actively engaged members of the community.

The Project began December 2022 and will continue through to December 2024.

Working Together - We all have a role to play

Understanding and promoting positive mental health in schools is a shared responsibility of parents, educators and community partners. Physically and emotionally healthy students are more likely to be successful in school and in life. ~ Alberta Education

Mental Health in Schools Pilot

The Government of Alberta is supporting close to 60 mental health pilot projects from now until December 2024. The projects will encourage student well-being through new and innovative approaches to providing supports and services like counselling, social and emotional learning, student assessment, family- and parent-oriented supports, and training for school staff. Announced in November 2022, Alberta’s government increased the total funding to up to $40 million – an increase of $20 million above the original allocation.


Ian Gray: Superintendent, Aurora Academic Charter School

Catherine Jevic: President, Sherbrooke Community League

Dr. Paul Wozny: Research and Grant Manager, Aurora Academic Charter School

Aaron Block, M.Ed., R.Psych: Educational Psychologist, Block Psychological Solutions

Lana Nogue: Education Consultant, Ignite Inclusive Solutions

A Little More about Aaron Block

Aaron brings a rich set of skills and experiences to our team in the form of psychological services accessible to our partners. Aaron’s experiences across the province has developed his expertise in counselling, assessment, trauma informed practice, attachment, regulation, social emotional supports for all children from age 2 to adulthood. He is an experienced facilitator and presenter and provides universal, targeted and individualized supports across school systems.

A Little More about Lana Nogue

As a consultant, with experience as a school and district leader of inclusive learning, Lana Nogue partners with leaders and inclusive teams at both the school and district level to ensure coordination and a fluid system of supports are in place for all learners. She coaches and mentors the alignment of teams through all levels of the organization, establishing a responsive inclusive learning environment for all students.

Authentic School - Family - Community Partnership

The Wellbeing & Flourishing Forever Pilot Project Team Presents at Sherbrooke Community League Meeting

The Pilot Project Team had the opportunity to introduce team members and highlight the purpose and desired outcomes of this innovative project that brings together students, school staff, families and the community! Community league members were invited to ask questions and provide feedback to the team during the March 2nd meeting.
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Flourishing Life Questionnaire

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 at Aurora Academic Charter School have the opportunity to take part in a mental health and wellness survey as an initial part of the Wellness & Flourishing Life Pilot Project. The questionnaire, developed by Dr. Wayne Hammond, will be administered by teachers in April. The purpose of the questionnaire is to identify and understand the unique strengths and character traits that contribute to the resilience and positive well-being of youth in our communities.

In particular, the Flourishing Life Questionnaire will gather information about how students understand and draw upon their strengths, capacities, and innate protective factors - like their sense of confidence, desire to achieve, ability to thrive and develop positive relationships with adults in their families, school and community. Understanding how students perceive their strengths plays an important role in schools being able to engage students in meaningful ways that support a positive learning experience where they feel valued, safe and inspired to experience academic success.

Long Term Sustainability

Impact on Students, Staff, Families and Community Members

The intent of the pilot project is to ensure that students, families and Sherbrooke community members are mentally healthy and actively engaged as partners with professional mental health providers, services and ongoing supports both within the school and the broader community. The longitudinal impact of the mental health and wellbeing pilot will promote a sense of hope, purpose and resilience among all stakeholders.

Information will be gathered to determine baseline mental health and wellbeing to help guide the efficacy of interventions, along with the implementation of collaborative structures, processes and services to support ALL students, staff and families well beyond the tenure of the pilot project, thus creating long-term sustainability.