Michaela McCormick & Abigail Nutter


Capital- Bogota.

Major cities- Medellin, Cali, Cucuta.

Continent- South America.

Nearest countries and oceans- Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Ecuador.

Size- 439,733 square miles

Landforms- Andes mts., Cauca River.

Natural Reasorces- gold, copper, gas, hydropower,coal, iron, nickel, emeralds.


Major Industries- textiles, oil, clothing, footwear, beverages, food processing.

Trade- Export: oil and coal.

Import: Machinery and transport.



Present type- Liberal democracy.

Head of government- Alvaro Uribe Veleasy

Military- # of soldiers: 506,520. Technology: Tanks, uavs, gunships, airplanes.

Foriegn Policy- Allies: US, Canada, Austraillia. Enimies: China, North Korea.

Current Events

- Colombia freed Escobar hitman who killed hundreds of people.

- Major airport delays.

- More security for Don Mario security after 7 people are killed in a massacre.

Social Structure

Class system- Strata.

Religion- Roman Catholic.

Ethnic Groups- Mestizo, White, Black.

Life expectancy- 73 years

Launguage- Spanish

Education- Freedom of instruction.