The Reformation of the 19th Century

Aleishia Fennell


This movement freed African Americans.

It Also brought equality to the nation

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This movement is to stop the abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol caused negative response and different ways such as sickness,poverty, and the breakup of families.

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Educational Reform

By having education we want to improve schools and better people's education and have public access to education

We want to improve education and double money for more children and women to attend schools

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Prision Reform

I believe that mentally ill people shouldn't get the same amount of discipline as regular people when they committed a crime. What do you think?

Dorothea Dix wants to make separate prisons for the mentally ill and non mentally ill

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Womens Rights

Women should be created as equal to ! Women should have the same rights and privileges as any other man on earth. If you're a woman and you're a hard worker you should stand for a right to be able to work,vote and participate in any other activity!
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