Nation's Hero: Radiant Roosevelt


Roosevelt's Story

Born on the sun, Theodore Roosevelt uses the power of the sun to outshine his enemies, and shed light on any situation. We as a nation are drawn to him like moths to the light. We also enjoy watching his lovable sidekick, The Flash (formally known as Jacob Riis). Named after the flash of his camera, The Flash supports Roosevelt by taking pictures of the horrors commited in the urban country. With this information out hero is able to make his move against evil.

Nation's Supervillain, Corrupt Corporation

Evils Committed

In an eternal battle, Radiant Roosevelt clashes with the Corrupt Corporation, which are a group of evil businesses focused on only their own profit, not caring about the American public. Here is a list of the evils that they have committed:

-Skyrocketted prices to unfair levels

-Inprison American citizens and forced them to work long hours

-Lowered wages of workers for their profit

-Created Monopolies


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