Emma A Period 1

Introduction on Thailand

Thailand has a huge population of 62.4 million. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been taken over by a European country. In 1932 we had a bloodless revolution that led us to have a Constitutional Monarchy. We are allies with the United States because we helped them in the Vietnam war and sent troops to Korea. So, if you come visit us you won't have to worry about being bombed by the U.S.. Most of Thailand belongs to the Thai ethnic group and they practice Buddhism. We have Beautiful Temples and royal palaces. Next to the Temples or palaces we have modern skyscrapers. Thailand's main agriculture exports teakwood and rubber. Most of our manufacturing is near the capital Bangkok. Thailand is a beautiful place to come visit. When you are here you feel like a new person.

"The land of independence"

Geography and Climate

Thailand is an amazing place to come visit if you are here for the geography and climate Thailand is the right place for you. Thailand's climate is Tropical. It can be rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid-May to September), dry, cool northeast monsoon (November to Mid-March), and the southern isthmus is always hot and humid. Thailand has a central plain; Khorat Plateau in the east, and mountains everywhere else. Thailand has the gulf of Thailand surrounding one side, Bay of Bengal, and The Andaman Sea. The Sea, gulf, and bay are beautiful year round, but i don not suggest coming in the winter time and early spring. We also have arable land, pastures, farming land, and forests. Thailand is the place to be all year round.

People & Culture

80% of Thailand's population consists of the Thai ethnic group. 10% of it's population is Chinese, and 4% is a blend. Lao, Mon, Khmers, Indians, and Burmese make up a smaller percentage of the population. The royal family of Thailand is highly respected, and statues, pictures, paintings, etc. Thailand citizens greet each other with a prayer like gesture. It is call a Wai. First a younger person Wais an older person showing them that they respect them. Then they will get a Wai in return. Public displays of affection, yelling, and wild gestures should be avoided. They are considered impolite. Buddhism takes up 95% of Thailand, 4% Islam, and 1% Christianity. People should wear neat and respectful clothing in a temple. It is not polite to visit temples in shorts, miniskirts or tight pants. Trousers and jeans are also not appropriate for women visiting a temple. Shoes should be removed when you see the principle Buddha. Thailand speaks tonal and the alphabet consists of forty-four consonants, twenty-four vowels, and four diacritical tone markers.

Government & Citizenship

Thailand has a Constitutional Monarchy and is lead by a group of military leaders. All branches of the government are found in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. In Thailand they do have the right to vote. 18 years or older can vote, but only Thai citizens from birth on can vote. Education is sponsored by the government, but when they had their yearly assessment they scored very poorly. They scored 37 out of 40 countries. Citizens are supposed to go to school from pre-school to a senior in high school. The 2007 Constitutution of Thailand is the most recent constitution. The Constitutional Court of Thailand has the right to make rulings over the constitutionality of parliamentary acts, royal decrees, draft legislation, appointment and removal of public officials and issues regarding political parties.


The economy of Thailand is the second largest economy in the southeastern Asian region. Thailand has free trade. Thailand is based on the manufacturing industry. Exports make up 60% of the total GDP of Thailand. Thailand has an open foreign investment policy, but certain functions like transportation, communications and power generation stay under state control. A group of industries including computers and electronics, furniture, clothing, footwear, processed food, plastic products, toys, gems and jewelry have sent the economy of Thailand to a very high point.