May in Twenty-Third District PTA!


Happy May! May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Happy Friday, Riverside County PTA and PTSA Leaders!

We hope that you are all doing well!

It was amazing seeing so many of you at Convention last week, and at our awesome Dave and Busters Convention Dinner Event! While this Convention was different - we were still back in person! We were so excited to be able to award a record number of scholarships to attend Convention, thanks to the extremely generous grant from our partners in education, Riverside County Office of Education and County Superintendent Dr. Edwin Gomez!

Transition to the board-elect is coming up fast! Check out this edition to get information on Convention, the upcoming orientation and more.

What can you do to help prepare for transition?

  • Make sure your election has occurred, and your officers-elect are registered with your Council or via MyPTEZ. Per the Toolkit ("Running Your PTA, pp.R16), elections should occur by the second week in April. If your unit or council is struggling with elections or needs support - we are here to help!

  • Remember, PTA is a business, and its officers are required by law to be on record. The following items are required for officers:

    • President*: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number
    • Treasurer*: Name, Address, Email, Phone Number
    • Secretary*: Name, Email, Phone Number
    • All other officers: Name, Email, Phone Number

    * These officers are required for an operational PTA.

  • Make sure your records are in order! Financial records, minutes, and procedure books (in whatever iteration your procedure books and past plans come in!). Don't hand over a mess; set up your board-elect for PTA success. Remember, our goal is to leave it better than we found it, so that the next group of leaders can continue our good work - making it better for children and families.

  • Reach out for help if you need it! We have phenomenal Council leaders in Riverside County, all of whom are ready and willing to help support their units in whatever ways possible. If your unit is out-of-council and needs support, reach out to us at 23rd District! We are here to help you - you have support, don't be afraid to reach out! You can reach us directly via

PTA is about making it better - someone's life is better because you're in it.

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You are receiving this newsletter because as a PTA leader in Riverside County (Council or Unit), you are a part of the 23rd District PTA family.

Reach out to us for help:
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23rd District PTA FINAL Association Meeting for 2021-2022

DON'T MISS THE LAST 23rd District PTA Association Meeting of the 2021-2022 Year!

We need you to make business happen! Let's finish this year strong!

Presidents are our delegates, and we must make quorum to vote!

We will be providing year-end information, preparing for next year, adopting the preliminary budget, releasing funds, and providing information on programs and events!

Register for the meeting!

When: Thursday, May 19, 2022 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Have questions? Reach out to us at

Let's Celebrate! 23rd District Awards!

You're Invited!

It's been a hard year, and as things re-open and we see a light at the end of the tunnel, 23rd District PTA is inviting you to attend our in-person year-end dinner event!.

23rd District PTA Awards Dinner

All units and councils are invited! Celebrate with us!

Nominate unit or council for awards by clicking this link

We will be recognizing:

  • Student scholarship recipients
  • Outstanding Administrators and Teachers
  • Advocacy all-stars
  • Membership magic-makers
  • Extraordinary volunteers and more!

Nominate your unit or council for awards by clicking this link!

We want to celebrate all the hard work our councils and units have done this year!

When: Thursday, May 26, 2021; 6:00 - 8:30 P.M.
Where: Citrus Park Event Center, California State Historic Park; 9400 Dufferin Avenue, Riverside, CA 92503

Cost: FREE

Seating is limited. RSVPs must be received by May 20, 2021


Questions? Reach out to

Twenty-Third District LEADERSHIP TRAINING!

Learn how to properly handle PTA funds, adopt business items, and conduct PTA business properly!

Join us for a day of training, meeting 23rd District leaders, a special keynote speaker, and more! Breakfast and lunch will be served for all attendees - and this event is FREE!

Officers must complete positional and financial training annually.

In-council units, please verify with your councils regarding council-specific information!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Time: 8:45 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Check-in begins at 8:00 A.M.

Workshops Offered (Subject to Change):

  • Focus on Finance (General Finance)
  • Advocacy and PTA: How to be a Rockstar Advocate For Kids!
  • Programs and Ways & Means
  • Presidential Practices
  • Treasurer Training
  • Secretary Success (and Historians, too!)
  • Amazing Audits
  • Reflections
  • Making Membership Magic
  • Parliamentary Procedure/Bylaws


Centennial High School

1820 Rimpau Avenue

Corona, CA 92881

Register by clicking this link or on our website,

Registration opens on May 15, 2022.

*Masking is encouraged, but not required

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Year-End Audits Are Coming! MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED!

Don't Forget!

The final audit period for the year (January 1 - June 30) is coming to an end, and that means it's almost time for the Year-End Audit!

A complete audit includes 3 things:

  • Audit Report
  • Audit Checklist
  • Recommendations Page (if recommendations are needed)

All three documents, plus dates of adoption by your executive board and association must be included for the audit to be considered complete.

Don't forget to have bank statements and bank reconciliations reviewed, signed, and dated by a non-checksigner. This is required by AIM Insurance Services and cannot be ignored.

Compliant audits should be completed by one of four ways, and anyone involved in the audit process should receive positional and financial training to ensure they are familiar with PTA practices:

  • An accountant or CPA, paid by the unit, to conduct the audit.

  • An elected or appointed qualified auditor [A CPA or professional trained to conduct audits; however, does not need to be employed in that capacity at present]
    • This individual may not be involved in the handling or management of PTA funds.
    • This individual is elected as an officer, or appointed by the Executive Board as a whole, and not just the president.
    • This individual is ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

  • An elected or appointed* auditor [unqualified]
    • If the auditor is unqualified, an Audit Review Committee is required to review the audit after completion by the auditor.
    • Anyone completing the audit may not handle or manage PTA funds in any capacity.
    • The Audit Review Committee must include two or more people, and may include the auditor; however, the majority of those serving on the committee should not be check-signers, nor should they have handled or managed PTA funds.
    • The Audit Review Committee (and the auditor, if appointed) is appointed by the Executive Board, and not the president, then is ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

  • An appointed audit committee
    • If the unit does not have an elected or appointed auditor, an Audit Committee may be appointed to complete the audit (this is different than a review committee.). In this instance, a committee of two or more is elected or appointed* to complete the audit.
    • The committee must include two or more people, none of whom may be check-signers, and none of whom have handled or managed PTA funds.
    • *appointed by the Executive Board, and not the president, and then ratified by the General Association and included in the minutes.

If units choose to pay a professional auditor, please ensure that the auditor is familiar with non-profit organizations - preferably with PTAs specifically.

Meeting minutes must reflect who will be doing the audit, and when the audit was adopted.

When the audit is adopted by the Executive Board and General Association (with dates recorded), upload the audit documents to myPTEZ or forward to your council (or district, if OOC.).

Audits are required twice a year, and should be completed within two weeks of the close of period.

You can review the attached Audit Q&A to help ensure your audits are *chef's kiss* perfect, and you can also click the link to view the CAPTA blog audit steps:

Have questions? Need Help? Contact your council or 23rd District PTA. We are all here to support you!

Have questions? Reach out to your Council, or if needed, reach out to us!

Council/Unit Annual Historian Reports are DUE NOW!

It's that time again! Time to submit the Annual Historian Report.

We do what we do out of sheer love, but it's always important to illustrate the extraordinary value our work holds - and the Annual Historian Report is one of the ways we make that happen!

Just because we haven't been on campus, doesn't mean that we aren't working - every hour counts! In fact, you'll even estimate the hours you'll spend working through the end of the year! Calculate all of those hours, including your estimated hours, and include them in your report. A great way to illustrate the investment of PTA in student success is to calculate the value of those estimated hours and share both hours and dollar value with your principals and school boards!

Make sure you send those reports through channels - to your Council if in-Council, or right to us if Out-of-Council.

Reports are attached!

Send Council and OOC Unit Reports to

View the Independent Sector Data for California Here

Bylaws Submission Processes

It's that time of year - review those bylaws, and make sure to send changes through channels!

In-council units should follow council processes with respect to preparing bylaws submissions. Out-of-Council units bylaws can approve proposed changes with the executive board, prepare a bylaws submission via the ebylaws system and submit via channels.

Please follow the process for your council, if in council, regarding submittal procedures.

We are hopeful that submitted bylaws will be returned quickly!

For incoming submittals (submitted digitally), please ensure that these steps are followed (or go to

►The saved document from e-bylaws does not have "draft" or "sample" on the cover.

►All changes are documented on a completed Bylaws Submittal Form

The complete bylaws document and all standing rules are included

►Submit via

Have questions for us? Please reach out via

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  • 3 - Dr. Augustine Ramirez Intermediate School PTSA
  • 4 - Julius Corsini PTA
  • 4 - Katherine Finchy PTA
  • 4 - Painted Hills Middle School PTSA
  • 7 - Cesar Chavez Academy PTSA
  • 8 - Santiago High School PTSA
  • 10 - Lakeside High School PTSA
  • 10 - Riverside STEM Academy PTSA
  • 11 - Murrieta Mesa High School PTSA
  • 14 - Vista Murrieta High School PTSA
  • 14 - Rosa Parks PTA
  • 15 - Daniel Buchanan Elementary PTA
  • 15 - El Cerrito Middle School PTSA
  • 15 - Monte Vista Elementary PTA
  • 15 - Temecula Luiseno Elementary School PTA
  • 16 - Todd Academy PTSA
  • 17 - Foothill Elementary PTA
  • 17 - Hillcrest High School PTSA
  • 19 - Benjamin Franklin Elementary PTA
  • 19 - Hawthorne Elementary PTA
  • 20 - Great Oak High School PTSA
  • 21 - Temescal Valley Elementary PTA
  • 22 - Rice Canyon Elementary PTA
  • 24 - Cawston Elementary PTA
  • 24 - Jackson Elementary PTA
  • 25 - Lincoln High School PTSA
  • 27 - Clara Barton PTA
  • 27 - Rancho Viejo PTSA
  • 29 - Vail Elementary PTA

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