Bonneville Elementary School

October 2021

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Friends and Families,

October is a time of change and anticipation. We welcome the change in seasons and the startup of the school year. We anticipate a wonderful learning experience for all our students and embrace the initiatives that our District has embarked upon.

The beginning of a new school year has always had a special meaning and a sense of excitement. It is a time that marks a fresh start, exciting possibilities, and great promise. For children, it means new friends and teachers, new learning, discovery, and growth. I look forward to working with you as we educate your children in these elementary years of school. These years are the most important because they lay the foundation for your child’s total school experience.

We have all had a hard three years. Going into our third school year in this pandemic our 2nd graders have not yet had a “normal” school year and our 5th graders had their last normal year in 2nd grade. I want to thank our PTA, teachers, parents, and students for a great Fun Run. I was so happy to see all the parents and students smiling. Our next major event will be Halloween. I will get that message out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your support and dedication to Bonneville!

Ground Rules for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Learning

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October is All About About RESPECT

October is Respect month! Students k-6 will be given a lesson and activity in their home rooms around what it means to be Respectful. Respect will also be reinforced through morning announcements and earnable Bobcat bucks! The PTA will also be hosting a character education activity during lunches and recesses throughout each month for students to practice the trait.

1. August: Teach GRRS (Bonneville’s Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Learning)

2. September: Responsibility

3. October: Respect

4. November: Citizenship

5. December: Caring

6. January: Fairness

7. February: Kindness

8. March: Trustworthiness

9. April: Perseverance

10. May: Character

Mrs. Davis' Art Class

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Kindergarten Visits Hogle Zoo

Ms. Okabe's 1st Graders

2nd Graders at Red Butte Garden

Second Grade has been using their 5 senses to make observations about the world around them. Recently they visited Red Butte Gardens and used their 5 senses to see, taste, touch, hear and smell the many different living things found in the garden. The highlight was actually getting to taste some of the plants from the herb garden! The children's favorite was the plant that tasted like black licorice.

Mrs. Maxwell's 3rd Graders Visited by The Humane Society

We had the Humane Society visit our classroom to discuss what their organization does. They also taught the students how to safely greet a dog they don't know. Students got to practice these skills with Winnie, an animal ambassador from the Humane Society.

Pumpkin Globes in Mrs. Noble's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Noble's Third Grade class made "Pumpkin Globes" to bring in the fall and mix our science and social studies curriculum at the same time! We have been discussing climate, how it is affected by the equator, and how the continents have different climates based on their location to the equator. Please stop by and see them in the next few weeks if you have a chance.

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Mrs. Warren's 4th Graders

On Friday, September 10th, Mrs. Warren's 4th grade class went to Bonneville Glen/Miller Bird Refuge on a "Wander and Write" walking field trip. In small groups, with amazing parent volunteers, we explored the glen. After several minutes, each group found a spot to settle and silently write nonstop for 5 minutes about whatever we were thinking and feeling. We then shared all or part of our writing with the others in the group. We repeated this until it was time to gather and walk back to Bonneville. We had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed wandering the pathways and writing our thoughts. (Photos courtesy of Niki Evans)

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Mrs. Sellin & Mrs. Winegar's 4th Grade Class

We went on a field-trip to Jordan River Conservation Garden and learned all about conserving water.

We are going to the Utah Museum of Natural History for a science lab on the 1st of October.

We are publishing our first story of the year - Personal Narratives.

We have been studying geography and learning more about where we are located in the world.

Mrs. Jacobsen's 5th Graders Are Busy!

My class has been reading Wonder. Also, we're finishing up our geography unit in S.S. and beginning our dive into United States history. They have been showing Responsibility in class, the hallways, and outside.

Counselor Corner

SEL: Social Emotional Learning

In September, K-5th grades covered important skills for learning. Students learned the importance of Focusing Attention, Listening, and Using Self-Talk at school. October starts with learning how to communicate by being Assertive, which means using a clear and calm voice to politely ask for something.

Families are encouraged to follow along with the weekly scope and sequence of lessons by logging on to Second Step and visiting some of the at-home resources. You are also welcome to contact the School Counselor, Mrs. Schleifman, with any questions you may have about Second Step.

To visit and gain access to Family Resources, follow this link and enter your student's corresponding code:

Kindergarten: SSPK FAMI LY70

1st Grade: SSP1 FAMI LY71

2nd Grade: SSP2 FAMI LY72

3rd Grade: SSP3 FAMI LY73

4th Grade: SSP4 FAMI LY74

5th Grade: SSP5 FAMI LY75

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Parent Teacher Association & School Community Council

2021-2022 PTA

  • Social Media Contest: Follow @bonnevilleslc, and post a picture on your instagram account tagging us and letting us know your favorite thing about Bonneville. Is it the Shakespeare play? A certain teacher? The art program? Tag @bonnevilleslc and use the hashtag #bonnevillerocks. Let us know you posted by commenting on our instagram post. We will feature each post on our instagram AND two lucky families will win a $10 giftcard to a local business! Please also let us know if we can share your post to our page.
  • Reflections Contest: Lookout for a flier about Reflections! We are so excited about this year's theme.
  • Upcoming PTA Meeting: Oct. 12 @ 7:30pm in the Library or on Zoom. Please
  • PTA Fund Priorities Survey:
  • Spiritwear and Yard Signs: If you haven't picked them up, they should be coming home this week.
  • Have you signed up for the PTA Portal yet?


Click here for the School Community Council website.

All parents are invited to attend meetings of the Bonneville School Community Council (SCC). The SCC has important responsibilities for creating school improvement plans and reading achievement plans, plus administering LAND Trust funds for Bonneville (these are funds given to every public school by the state of Utah). The SCC has ten parent representatives (elected for a 2-year term) along with 8 teachers, and other staff members, including Principal Culley.

If you’re interested in having input on issues that affect academics and the long-term well-being of Bonneville, please attend our monthly SCC meetings. It’s a great way to stay in the know about things that are happening at Bonneville and within the school district. Melissa Ford, the SLC School Board representative for our area, is nearly always in attendance at our SCC meetings, and it’s a great time to ask questions and hear her thoughts on issues facing our school and our district.

Please join our upcoming SCC meeting on October 21st, at 7:00 am, via Zoom. The SCC meets on the third Thursday of each month, alternating 7 am and 7 pm meetings every-other month. We hope to see you there!