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September 2021

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A Letter from the Principal

Greetings Bonneville Students and Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. We are glad that you are joining us as we embark on an exciting year of teaching and learning at Bonneville Elementary. We are looking forward to seeing your academic and personal growth over this school year. We are proud of our traditions, community involvement, wonderful teachers and families that help our students fill the school every day.

At Bonneville Elementary, we strive to provide a safe and engaging learning environment where we focus on the whole child, developing creative problem-solvers and students who love learning. Our goal is to focus on both academic and social/emotional success for all students so that they are ready for middle school and beyond.

This year we will renew our commitment to excellence in all that we do, as we seek to provide the best daily instruction with the expectation that all students can learn and succeed. We will continue to meet students at their academic level with opportunities to address academic deficiencies, build numeracy, enhance literacy skills, and address social/emotional needs. We will continue to implement initiatives to promote teaching and learning and to engage all our stakeholders in the process of educating our students. A major initiative for this year is to address the concern of gaps in students learning. We look forward to partnering with our stakeholders in this effort which will positively impact student performance in every content area, and in their overall academic growth and development.

My door is always open. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss any concerns you might have throughout the school year. I look forward to working with you and helping each student at Bonneville Elementary school meet his or her goals and have a successful school year!

Go Bobcats!!!

What's New at Bonneville?

Mrs. Lyon- 6th Grade Teacher

Name: Jocelyn Lyon

Birthplace: San Angelo, Texas

Education: Bachelors in Elementary Education from BYU and Masters in Education from SUU.

Fun Fact: I am an avid BYU fan.

Hobby: I absolutely love woodworking with my husband. We have built a woodshop in our garage and are constantly working on projects. Our most recent was a bunk bed for our kids.

Mrs. Kennedy- Science Teacher

Name: Laura Kennedy

Birthplace: Logan, Utah

Education: B.S. in Biology from Utah State. M.A. in Education from University of Colorado

Fun Fact: I once rescued a baby racoon from a dumpster.

Hobby: I love rock climbing, yoga and reading.

Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Learning

We have worked hard over our past year to generate new comprehensive school rules and expectations. Cue the GRRS! Also known as the Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Learning, the GRRS are a framework to support all students at Bonneville. Below is the GRRS matrix. Each classroom has a copy of the GRRS for easy review. The GRRS posters can also be seen in common areas.
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Monthly Character Traits

September is Responsibility month! Students k-6 will be given a lesson and activity in their home rooms around what it means to be responsible. Responsibility will also be reinforced through morning announcements and earnable Bobcat bucks! The PTA will also be hosting a character education activity during lunches and recesses throughout each month for students to practice the trait.

1. August: Teach GRRS (Bonneville’s Guidelines for Respectful, Responsible, and Safe Learning)

2. September: Responsibility

3. October: Respect

4. November: Citizenship

5. December: Caring

6. January: Fairness

7. February: Kindness

8. March: Trustworthiness

9. April: Perseverance

10. May: Character

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Mrs. Ford's Kindergarteners Wearing Yellow for Color Days

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Ms. Okabe's 1st Graders Share Their Skills

What an amazing group of students in Room 105! Lola, Davey, Jack, Hazel T., Ivy, George, Yoshi, and Hazel H. excel in sports. Aisha, Tharun, Gus, Sierra, Eden Penelope, Gigi, Claire, and Mikey love to do Arts and Crafts. Chase and Vincent are Lego masters. Mina and Johnny are gifted in reading and writing. So much creativity and talent in one terrific class!

Mrs. Barrett's 2nd Grade Class

Second graders have been learning and singing our school song Bonneville Elementary. The class talked about our mascot and school colors. Students learned about our school rules and procedures and the importance of having pride for our school and pride in our work and behavior.

Mrs. Teerlink's 2nd Graders Love Science!

This past week we were able to visit the Science Lab and meet Ms. Kennedy, our new Science teacher. The students learned about living and non-living things. We also talked about how living things have a habitat. The students were then able to observe some objects. They had to determine if that object was living, if it had once lived or if it has always been non-living. Some objects were quite tricky and lent themselves to a fantastic scientific discussion!

Mrs. Leys' 3rd Graders Get Reading

Literacy practice is in full effect in Room 102! Students have been working on their EEKK reading, sitting elbow-to-elbow and knee-to-knee as they take turns listening and reading to one another. They have also been visited by two Mystery Readers so far -- Davy Crockett (aka Mr. Culley) and Alexander Hamilton (aka Julian's dad Brad), both of whom stopped by to read aloud to a rapt audience of third graders.

Mrs. Warren's 4th Graders

Mrs. Warren's students have been practicing 2-word sentences. A true sentence must have a subject and a verb. We played a game, "Sentence Slap-down", in which students wrote a subject on one sticky note and a verb on another. In turn, each "slapped" down and called out their 2-word sentences. We had some laughs, as you can imagine! Next steps: Recognizing 2-word sentences in mentor text and building compound and complex sentences of our own.

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Mr. Wild's 6th Graders

On the first day of school, Mr. Wild put the students' engineering and teamworking skills to the test! Students were given 45 minutes, a box of dry spaghetti, a roll of scotch tape, and two yard-long lengths of ribbon and the task of building the tallest tower in the class! Mr. Wild and the students learned a lot about each other that day, including the fact that many sixth grade students have no qualms about eating dry spaghetti off the classroom floor (despite being strongly advised against it).

Counselor Corner

Bullying Prevention at Bonneville

Mrs. Schleifman kicked off the school year visiting with all classrooms to review Bullying prevention! Students learned about the three components of bullying: intends harm, is repeated, and there is a power difference. Students are able to recognize bullying and know to report it to a trusted adult.

The Salt Lake City School District maintains policies to protect our community against bullying. Additionally, students at Bonneville will be receiving Second Step Social-Emotional curriculum bi-monthly to build skills around empathy, compassion, and communication.

SEL: Social Emotional Learning

Families are encouraged to follow along with the weekly scope and sequence of lessons by logging on to Second Step and visiting some of the at-home resources.

To visit and gain access to Family Resources, follow this link and enter your student's corresponding code:

Kindergarten: SSPK FAMI LY70

1st Grade: SSP1 FAMI LY71

2nd Grade: SSP2 FAMI LY72

3rd Grade: SSP3 FAMI LY73

4th Grade: SSP4 FAMI LY74

5th Grade: SSP5 FAMI LY75

Parent Teacher Association & School Community Council

2021-2022 PTA

Hi Parents,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our PTA! This year's theme is "Creating Connection," and our goal is to connect you and your family with our school, teachers and other parents. Although we all have our differences, we hope that our common interest in wanting the best for our children can shine through this year. As a school community, we hope we can listen to one another, lean into our diverse strengths and overcome challenges together. We want every parent to know that they are welcome in our PTA. We need all of the hands and feet we can get, and we would love to see some new faces. If you have any ideas or things you would like to contribute to our school community, please reach out to us at


Helena Caldwell, Brooke Burton, Lindsey Hannay and Rachel Watson

Upcoming PTA Events:

Sept. 7: PTA Meeting 7:30 Bonneville PTA Room or on ZOOM

Sept. 21: Fun Run Pledges Due

Sept. 23: Fun Run and Movie Night

Other PTA Announcements:

Register for the Parent Portal if you want access to the student directory and PTA communications.

Visit Our Website:


Click here for the School Community Council website.

Please join us for our next SCC meeting, Tuesday, September 21 at 7PM in the Library. Our SCC Chair will be decided at this meeting.